Real Housewives of Potomac Recap

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Season 5 | Episode 14

We kick off this week’s episode with Candiace doing voice lessons, followed by Gizelle, Robyn and Karen’s little tea date. Gizelle is concerned about Karen’s relationship with Ray and basically just wants to make it known that she’s there to support Karen no matter what. Robyn’s new hat company, Embellished, is now live and she wants the women to come help her out at a photoshoot so she can have a range of models on her website (minus Monique, of course). Gizelle (as Gizelle does), brings up what Karen said to Wendy a few weeks back in Newburg, and Karen is not pleased. Yikes – I have a feeling this Wendy vs. Karen thing is going to be a common occurrence for the remainder of the season.

Next we see Wendy with her two sons, and I have to say I am so impressed by this woman. She is so educated and wants the same for her children; so I understand why she’s hurt by the fact Karen called her ignorant the week prior.

Ashley now is at her therapist’s office, and she’s being incredibly vulnerable by admitting she has a bit of postpartum depression since having baby Dean. The therapist recommends going on a little vacation so she can be the healthiest (and happiest) momma she can be to Dean and also come through in her marriage as well. I applaud Ashley for being so open about this on the show, I can’t imagine how difficult it must be so go through something like this as a regular person, let alone having millions of people watch you go through your postpartum journey as well.

Candiace is now back in the studio with Chucky Thompson, a music producer, where she hears her song, “I See You”, remixed and completed for the first time. I have to admit, I like it – I think it sounds really good!! Then Chucky drops a bomb and asks Candiace if she would sign to his label; which leads to the famous Candiace tears with her folded up tissues. That’s pretty cool, not going to lie. Candiace replies with a “hell yeah”, rightfully so and I’m happy for her.

Then we get an update on Gizelle’s house! It’s really coming along, I can’t wait to see it finished to compare the before and after. Ashley tells Gizelle about her therapy session and how she wants to take a girls trip with everyone before the holidays. Gizelle says she’s not in if Monique is invited, which you can tell leaves Ashley in a predicament; she wants to invite Monique but knows none of the other ladies (maybe besides Karen) will come if she does invite her. We’ll see what happens!

We’re at Robyn’s photoshoot now and I have to say I LOL’d at Gizelle’s interview regarding Robyn’s tax issues. Gizelle also wastes no time to let Wendy how how Karen was making fun of her at their tea earlier to which I’m just like, really Gizelle? Really? Gizelle says “why can’t she be messy sometimes” in her confessional, but ahhh she can be messy A LOT of the time. After the photoshoot wraps up, Ashley drops a hint of where she wants to go on the girls trip with the Portugal flag… but no one knew which flag it was until Wendy finally guesses where they’ll be going. To my surprise and everyone’s joy, Ashley did not invite Monique on the trip. I’m very curious to see how Monique reacts to this one.

Not all is totally well though with, you guessed it, Wendy and Karen. Wendy is not having Karen make fun of her PHD, and I did laugh out loud again when Wendy said she “never brags about her degrees” then the producers come in hot with a montage of all the times Wendy announced this season that she has 4 degrees. Gotta love when the producers produce!

The episode ends with Monique counter suing Candiace and Candiace is PISSED. Next week we’re in Portugal and I will live vicariously through them and pretend Europe still allows Americans to travel to their beautiful continent.

See ya next week for what’s for sure going to be a feisty girls trip!


Real Housewives of Potomac

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