Real Housewives of Orange County Recap

Season 15 | Episode 4

Rating: 4 out of 5.

We start this episode in the shit storm that is Shannon’s party. Braunwyn freaks out on Gina and throws her glass in the pool and storms off. After Braunwyn storms off, Sean says to Gina that she was completely inappropriate and all they wanted to do was pull her aside and talk. Given Gina’s history with men being aggressive towards her (remember her husband attacked her), she gets really upset about Sean getting in her face. Braunwyn is waiting outside of Shannon’s house and see’s one of the kids who’s helping Shannon with the party and says to him, “Hey lemonade boy, can you go get my husband?” Wow, I thought I was the only one that thought that was so rude, but the boy goes inside and tells Shannon’s daughters who then tell Shannon who also gets upset by what Braunwyn said. Just SO rude.

Sean goes outside and calms Braunwyn down and talks some sense into her. He convinces Gina to to go outside and talk to Braunwyn, seems like a good idea at the time, not. Gina sits down with Braunwyn and Gina sit down and they both apologize for getting so upset. Braunwyn says she’s sober and going to AA and then explains why she’s so upset for Gina going around and giving people the wrong impression about the text her husband sent her. Did Gina overreact about the text a little bit? Sure, but if she felt uncomfortable than that’s what it is. I think if Sean took Gina aside and said something to her about his intentions about the text the whole issue would be resolved. Braunwyn just can’t let it go because she just wants to hear that Gina is wrong, but if that’s how she feels then she’s not wrong.

Braunwyn is sitting down with Kelly crying and expressing how badly she wants to drink. Braunwyn admits that she’s been hiding tequila bottles in her closet for months now, whoa. Kelly goes over to Sean and asks him if Shannon really did say that Gina’s house was sad and depressing and he confirms that she did. Braunwyn and her husband leave the party and just walk home, it literally seems like it’s five houses away.

Shannon gives the remaining women a tour of her house. She takes them to the gym and low and behold there’s a massive portrait of herself and she claims to not be a narcissist…. First of all the picture doesn’t even look like her. Second, seems like very narcissistic behavior.

Now we’re with Kelly who’s unpacking with her fiancé and he is just so nice to her. I need to figure out what his history is, I don’t know anything about this guy.

Emily goes over to Gina’s and is so excited that she got along with Shannon and I guess Shannon put her on a group text. The way Emily responds is absolutely hysterical. They’re in the car talking and Gina comes out and says that her dad was also an alcoholic, but she never knew growing up. I would think that she would have a lot of compassion for Braunwyn then, maybe she will ease up on her. Then we find out that Braunwyn reached out to Gina and asked her to go to a meeting with her and apologized for her behavior. I think Gina reacts really well and agrees to go to the meeting with her and also apologizes for her behavior. We’re making progress ladies and gentlemen.

Braunwyn and her husband are planning on renewing their vows for their 20th anniversary (20?! Omg). She gives Shannon a call and says she still really wants her and her family to attend. They still can’t get on the same page about the sad comment, but Shannon says she will support her.

Next episode we see Gina and Braunwyn sit down and have lunch, I really can’t wait to see that conversation. It looks like we’re also going to get our first glance of Matt, Gina’s ex!

Things are getting good over here in OC, never thought I was going to say that this season.


Real Housewives of Orange County TV Show Recaps

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