The Bachelorette Recap

Season 16 | Episode 4

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

We start this episode with the guys upset still from the last group date where Clare didn’t give any of them, but Dale, the time of day. Clare is openly saying that she’s in love with Dale and they have a connection that is intangible. Chris shows up at Clare’s room and sits her down to have a talk. Chris asks for Clare to tell him what she’s thinking and she openly admits that she’s head over heels for Dale and that she knew even coming onto the show from researching him on social media that she was interested in him. She also adamantly swears that they had zero contact prior to meeting each other on the show. She starts breaking down and says she thinks he’s the one. I understand that her feelings are so strong for him, but I just feel like that’s reeeeeally quick. She admits that this is over for her and Chris makes the comment, “Congratulations, you just blew up the bachelorette.”

The guys are getting prepared for the cocktail party and are wanting to get some answers from Clare and show her they’re still ready and willing to work for her. Then, in walks Chris. He tells them that there is not going to be a cocktail party or rose ceremony tonight, and then he pulls Dale outside. He tells Dale that the cocktail party and rose ceremony are cancelled because Clare just wants to hang out with him.

It’s the night of her and Dale’s dinner date and she’s dressed in this bright red, sequin dress and it just seems like a lot to me. She’s so giddy to see him and I think that Dale is pretty nervous which is totally understandable. She goes on to tell Dale what she’s thinking and that he reminds her of her father. This part kills me, then she goes on to tell them about her parents because he doesn’t even know their names. Turns out both of their fathers had to hitchhike to see their mom when they first met, so ironic. Dale goes on to talk about his family and how his mothers passing broke his family, he gets emotional and it’s really sad to hear. Clare starts to tell him how much she cares and feels for him already and tells him she’s falling in love with them. Dale responds by also saying that he’s falling love with her too. Clare gets soooo excited and I can’t help but feel happy and relieved for her, because that would have been really awkward if he didn’t feel the same way. They go back to the room and wake up with her dress on the floor, blah blah I feel awkward now that they’re just laying in bed the next morning and we know what happens next. She keeps making comments about how this is what you get when you don’t settle and I’ve had enough of it, we get it.

Meanwhile, the guys are still back at the house wondering where Dale is and what’s going on. They keep saying that they don’t think that Dale spent the night with her but little do they know.

Chris goes over to Clare’s and says the next step in a proposal. I can’t believe that they would put that on them but whatever floats their boat I guess Okay, now where’s Tayshia? I’m ready.

Clare shows up to talk to the guys. She tries to butter them up before letting them down and says they’re all amazing guys then drops the bomb that she think she found what she was looking for with Dale. One of the guys is pretty mad about it and asks her to apologize to them for faking it and she gets a little upset about it. Then THANKFULLY a couple of the guys show maturity and tell her they commend her courage to come in front of them and tell them the truth and hope the best for her, I really admire their ability to tell her they’re happy for her even though it’s at their detriment.

Chris then goes over to Dale’s and tells him that Clare broke up with all the other guys and tells him the final step is basically for him to propose. Meanwhile Clare is kind of freaking out because it’s never worked out for her before. I can’t blame her, I would be freaking out if a guy I’d known for like a week had to propose to me. Leave it to Clare to wear a white dress to her own proposal. Dale walks out and he does look so happy. Clare gives him a little speech and what kills me is that she says he continues to show up for her, and I’m like uhhhhh it’s been a week! Dale’s speech to her is honestly really sweet gave me some goosebumps and he of course ends up proposing and they are super happy and excited.

The remaining guys are all down and confused on what’s happening next. It really does suck for them given that they had to quarantine and now their time is being cut short…. Or is it? Chris reveals to them that their journey is not over and they need to make a decision by that night if they want to stay and see what they have up their sleeve or if they can’t get past their feelings for Clare and need to go home.

The guys get all dapper and walk into that night not knowing what to expect. All of the men decide to show up and stay for the unknown. Chris walks in and announces that there is a new bachelorette and it’s starting right now. And in walks….. Tayshia! Which is no surprise because this was spoiled for us long ago. We don’t get to see her actually walk in until next week, bachelorette always keeping us on our toes!

Can’t wait to see how this is all going to play out!


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