Real Housewives of Potomac Recap

Season 5 | Episode 15

Rating: 4 out of 5.

We’re back in Potomac! Karen and Gizelle meet up for brunch and Karen drops the ball that Ashley invited all the women to Portugal and unfortunately Monique is not invited. Surprisingly, Monique is very understanding and would rather focus on her family anyways. Monique confronts Karen for urging Candiace to take legal action against her but nothing really comes of it, Karen admits she’s still friends with both of them and wants the best. I think Monique knows she’s at odds with too ma |ny of the women right now and regardless of what Karen might be doing or saying behind her back, she needs Karen’s friendship right now. 

Ashley is at home with Michael and going over baby Dean’s schedule for when she’s gone in Portugal. She brings up the fact that Monique asked her to write a statement regarding her own altercation with Candiace, I’m guessing to show the type of behavior Candiace has had in the past in order to support Monique’s claims against her. Ashley says that she did write the statement for Monique because when everything was going down with Michael and the claims being made against him, the Samuels really had their back. I understand where Ashley is coming from and she really has no reason to support Candiace whatsoever, so if the Samuel’s have been good to her in the past, she should do the same in return. She also says that she had told Monique that her and Michael had an open relationship before and that Monique didn’t tell any of the women. Production brilliantly replays the scene at the wine tasting where Ashley tells all of the women about her relationship and Monique is acting just as shocked as the rest of the women. This fact just reminds me all of the reasons why I loved Monique so much, she really is a good friend and person of her word I think. 

The women are on their way to Portugal!!! And Robyn is on time for her flight, phew. They’re staying at Savoy Palace and all of their rooms are so nice! The first night the women are just having dinner at the hotel, they’re probably super jetlagged. Wendy says she wants to do shots and she’s trying to have a good time. She then addresses Karen and the women are all like *eye roll* do we have to go through this again? But Wendy starts to tell a story of how her father was working at a fast food restaurant when he first came to America and he got promoted to Manager, in order to show his gratitude for this country and the opportunities it has given him, he decided to name his second daughter after the fast food restaurant, Wendy. The women are all shocked/laughing at the turn her story took. Karen says that she is such an advocate for education and Gizelle chimes in about why she’s degrading Wendy’s then? I don’t understand what grudge Wendy is holding, I don’t think Karen was belittling her education or hard work, it’s a misunderstanding. 

Then they bring up Ashley’s marriage and ask how her and Michael are doing. Of course it’s Gizelle spearheading this situation and Karen isn’t happy they’re putting light on Ashley’s marriage because she knows it’s a serious situation Ashley is going through. Thankfully the conversation turns to Gizelle’s relationship and they ask how she’s doing. Karen then asks if Jamal is proud of her since she thinks a man that is proud of his woman would be with her. Karen is clearly asking that to jab at Gizelle and I’m not mad about it. 

The women all go off to bed and Ashley tries to get in touch with Michael so she can see baby Dean before he goes to bed. Michael doesn’t answer the phone so she calls her friend who’s watching Dean. The friend says that Michael is not home yet and Dean is really tired and wants to go to sleep, it’s now after 7pm which is when Michael is supposed to be home. Ashley calls Michael again and gets a hold of him. He says that he had to finish a meeting and is now on his way home. Ashley is rightfully upset with him that he’s ten minutes late and didn’t let the babysitter know that he was going to be a little late. I get that he’s busy but it’s probably the first night that he’s had to be solely responsible for putting Dean to bed and he couldn’t even get home on time or tell the babysitter he was running behind. I would be upset if I were Ashley too, it has to be hard being away from home and not only worrying about your new baby, but your very grown husband as well. 

Gizelle goes over to Robyn’s room after dinner, Robyn is honest with Gizelle and tells her that if her relationship really is that special, she should share it with them. Gizelle is immediately like alright, you have a point since it’s coming from you. Maybe now she’ll start bringing Jamal around. 

They’re having their first day out on the town and they head up to the cable cars. It’s basically a skyride that gives you a beautiful view of Madeira. They go out to lunch later and Ashley comes back from the bathroom with her breast pump device fully strapped on and going. I love her for not caring. Of course Wendy brings up the topic of Karen talking about her degrees. Finally, Karen apologizes if Wendy felt offended for what she said about her education and I pray to God that this is the last we hear of this. Candiace then brings up the conversation of Gizelle hiding Jamal from them and Karen tries to clarify what she meant when she asked that question last night. Karen then tries to explain that she’s trying to be there for Gizelle and tell her to be cautious regarding Jamal. Gizelle tries to counter that Karen has always been guarded about her own relationship so how can she even comment on her relationship, Karen claps back and says well why would I tell the devil anything. I think I died when Karen made that comment. Karen really does have such a good point that Gizelle wants to know every little detail about everyone else’s life so she can judge them and make fun of them behind their back, but the don’t get an ounce of what Gizelle herself has going on. I think Karen hit the nail on the head.  

Can’t wait to see what the rest of this Portugal trip has in store!


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