The Bachelorette Recap

Season 15 | Episode 5

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Last week was honestly the craziest episode of the Bachelor or Bachelorette franchise I’ve ever seen in my life, and now I am reeeeeady for Tayshia! I’m happy Clare found her guy and all but I was ready to see her go. Sorry not sorry. I was super curious to see how Tayshia would be as the Bachelorette and she did not disappoint one bit.

The episode starts with the guys clearly skeptical of another Bachelorette. When Tayshia walked in though, Eazy’s reaction was PRICELESS. His jaw literally dropped. As did all of the other men. And how can they not, have you seen her!? I’m so happy Tayshia is finally here.

Tayshia’s initial conversation with Ivan goes well as it does with Riley. (Hello, he is SO SMART! Bachelor producers did well casting this group of men. Except Yosef). Canadian Blake seems like he can’t fully get over the fact that Clare has actually left, and neither can Jason. In my opion, Tayshia should just send them home – if they can’t get passed Clare with Tayshia then they clearly have issues.

But then Chris Harrison, as Chris Harrison does, drops a bombshell. “Everything is about to change”, he says – and it does. Another limo arrives with 4 brand new men and they do not disappoint! Hands down this is the best season of the bachelorette ever; I’m calling it. Spencer, one of the new guys, instantly steals Tayshia away to talk to her which rubs the other OG guys the wrong way. Sorry y’all, its the name of the game.

Tayshia’s night 1 seems to be going so well and ends up giving her first impression rose to Spencer, which the other guys are not pleased with, but it ends up not mattering at all. Tayshia cancels the rose ceremony like the boss that she is and decides to continue on her journey with all the men.

In the middle of the episode we get a Chris Harrison/Clare/Dale of interview. I get why they had to do this, but I personally don’t need it. Again, I’m happy Clare and Dale found each other other but I want to see Tayshia!! Clare gives the same ol’ speech that she’s never had a man show up, what did she do to deserve Dale, etc. etc. They surprisingly are still engaged, and Dale verifies that he felt love at first sight with Clare. I have no further comments. Hopefully they last…

Aaaand we’re finally back to Tayshia. Even though she had a phenomenal night 1, she’s in her head that these guys might still be hung up on Clare. Honey, please. Look in the mirror! The guys are clearly waaay more excited about Tayshia than they were about Clare.

Tayshia’s first group date is upon us and it is a pool party because, well, COVID, aka they can’t travel anywhere. The casual pool party turns into a splash ball competition – blue team vs. green team. Riley seems to accidentally elbow Spencer in the face, and his bloody mouth captures Tayshia’s attention. Wimp! The blue team wins, meaning extra time with Tayshia.

Finally we get Eazy and Tayshia time and it makes me so happy. He is hands down my favorite thus far and I am already saying I will be thoroughly disappointed if he is not the one at the end. Her conversations with the rest of the men on the blue team go well and I will say, she has her work cut out for her – these all seem like good guys!

Riley and Spencer are not off to a good start. Riley tells Spencer where he comes from Spencer would be called “lunch meat”, which makes me laugh out loud. The best part is that Eazy gets the group DATE rose, though. YAY EAZY!

Now, we get to poor Jason. Jason cannot get past his feelings for Clare (and even said he was in love with her!?) and ultimately decides to go home. He seems truly authentic though and Tayshia’s reaction is classy.

Then Tayshia and Brandon have their first one-on-one date which includes horse back riding, margaritas… and Chris Harrison. Chris keeps interrupting them, which is hilarious but they finally (thankfully) end up in the pool and at dinner without him. Right off the bat, Brandon is very sweet and I really like him so far. He admits that he was previously married to his high school sweetheart which ended in a divorce. Tayshia then tells him that she has also been divorced and they find common ground over that and their overall connection. Ok, I take back what I said earlier. I also would totally be ok with Brandon being at the end, I love him too!!

It’s good to have the Bachelorette back, y’all. See ya next week!


The Bachelorette

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