Real Housewives of Orange County Recap

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Season 15 | Episode 5

Another week in the OC, another week of Braunwyn’s storyline regarding her drinking. Emily and Gina seem to think Braunwyn husband’s Sean is an enabler, which from the outside looking in I kind of agree with as of now.

Braunwyn’s son Jacob expresses that he wants to start dressing in drag, telling the cameras that its a form of therapy for him. Braunwyn, Sean and his sister are so supportive of him and even have a stylist come to the house to dress him! It’s really awesome seeing such a supportive family unit, so regardless of how I personally feel about Braunwyn, I will say she seems to be a very supportive mom.

Gina is finally almost able to get her license back, and as she’s meeting with her attorney he recommends giving a statement to the court regarding the night Matt broke into her house. Gina admits that although she thinks providing a statement will be therapeutic for her, she doesn’t know if she can actually go through with it considering how well her and Matt at currently co-parenting.

Next we see Shannon and her oldest daughter Sophie talking about the book Sophie’s writing about her parents divorce and how scared Shannon is that she “messed her up”. Sophie admits in an interview that she thinks Shannon needs a man to support her emotionally and financially which is a bit of a surprise to me, but obviously she would know best! We’ll have to see if John can do that for Shannon…

Onto wedding dress shopping with Braunwyn and Kelly. Braunwyn and Sean are renewing their vows for their 20th wedding anniversary, and with Kelly being engaged now she’ll be shopping for wedding dresses for the third time. I have no comment. I notice that Braunwyn mentions Berta is a personal favorite which ugh, ME TOO if I could afford it. Kelly is pretty annoying through the whole try-on sesh per usual, and I’m just ready for Kelly to be done and off the show, man.

Finally we get a little more insight into newbie Elizabeth, where we tragically learn that her sister Anna started using heroin at 14 and is still a full-blown drug addict. Elizabeth’s mom is currently taking care of Cassandra (her granddaughter and Elizabeth’s niece) and Cassandra is in luck because Elizabeth has a $1 million trust fund set up for her and her other nieces. (Elizabeth, can you be my aunt too plz?)

The next scene is prime OC at its finest, which Gina hilariously makes fun of as well. Gina, Shannon and Elizabeth meet at Elizabeth’s Newport beach house for lunch, which Shannon and Elizabeth start to have a competition on who’s more rich, essentially. It’s so ridiculous but I would not expect anything less from people who live in Orange County. Sorry Shannon, but I think Elizabeth wins the money battle.

My point is proven when Elizabeth goes Ferrari shopping because she wants a “mid-life crisis” car. Her and Kelly go for a few test drives, while Shannon says she doesn’t need a “big penis” car to prove anything. LOL, oh Shannon.

Cue to Gina and Braunwyn going to an AA meeting together. Braunwyn actually admits that the reason why she has so many kids is because in the past when her drinking got so bad it was easier for her just to get pregnant because she knew that would stop her drinking. Whoah. That is crazy y’all and hope her and Sean are going to therapy together to work through these issues.

Guys, remember Lizzie, former OC housewife? Apparently her and Emily are friends and are working on creating bathing suit for plus size women together for Lizzie’s bathing suit line, which I love. I like that Emily isn’t the stereotypical blonde-hair-huge-boobs-size-0 OC housewife that we usually see; it’s definitely a breath of fresh air.

It seems like Gina and Braunwyn are turning a new leaf and it’s really nice to see them apologize to each other. They both agree they want to start over and I hope they can continue their friendship.

At the end we finally see the infamous Matt on camera, and it’s a little weird right away. We have Gina, her boyfriend Travis, Matt and his girlfriend Britt at Matt and Gina’s daughter’s birthday party… one big, awkward happy family. Gina says in her confessional that she is indeed going to make a statement in court and Matt could even go to jail. This is crazy y’all, and I’m very curious to see how this all plays out.

See y’all next week!


Real Housewives of Orange County

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