Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Recap

Season 1 | Episode 1

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am for a new housewives franchise!!! Let’s get this party started.

We start this episode with a little overview of the season. One of the first things I notice is the amount of plastic surgery and fillers in their face. Not judging, just pointing out the obvious. We finally get our first look at someone’s home and it looks like a cabin mansion. They call it “Jen’s chalet.” We also meet Jen’s husband and her two sons. Her husband is a football coach at the University of Utah. She says her husband is away a lot because of his job and that they have a facetime marriage, sounds interesting. She also goes on to say that her husband was raised muslim and she was raised mormon. During their marriage she asked her husband to convert but when she found out the mormon church just recently started allowing black people into their church her eyes were opened. So, she decided to convert to Islam. I immediately like her kids, they’re like messing with her and just seem really normal and nice. 

Now we’re with Heather who has her first scene at a medical spa, which she actually owns. She says that she’s a true mormon and her entire lineage is also mormon. She also says that the medical spa plays into her mormon culture because they have an innate need to be perfect, didn’t know that. Apparently she married into a super wealthy family that’s basically mormon royalty but unfortunately they got divorced five years ago. She also says that she is not the ideal mormon woman because she drinks, has sex, loves black men, and gay people…, as she should. 

Now we’re meeting Meredith who is already giving off a different type of vibe than the others. We meet her, her son Brooks, and her husband. She says they only live in Salt Lake part time because of her husbands job. She’s originally from Chicago and is Jewish. We see pictures of her three kids who are all in their early 20’s and are very good looking. She owns her own store in Utah and says they have a large celebrity following. Her family is funny, in their first interview her husband says he doesn’t have enough sex and I appreciate the honesty. I think her son is about to be the star of the show. 

We’re meeting Lisa who’s kids are younger than the other women’s so far. She’s originally from New York and found herself in Utah for college. Apparently she was born Jewish but when the mormon’s knocked on her door her mom was persuaded to convert. She owns a few liquor brands and says she doesn’t cook and we then see her and her family go through multiple drive throughs so they can all get what they want. Very interesting. 

Jen is making a stop at Heather’s med spa, they’ve been friends for a few years. Jen seems super over the top, the amount of jewelry she’s wearing is ridiculous. 

Apparently we’re at Whitney’s wedding, who is also a housewife. This is a first, meeting a housewife on their wedding day. We learn that they’re actually renewing their vows and he’s 18 years older than her. ALSO, when they met they were both married to other people and had an affair and therefore ex communicated from the church. That is seriously wild. Apparently a lot of her family and friends didn’t approve when they first got together but after ten years of marriage, they’re finally coming around. At their reception Whitney looks like a really good time, she knows her way around a stripper pole. 

Jen is planning Meredith’s birthday party with her assistants. You read that right, plural assistants meaning she has TWO assistants. 

Lisa and Meredith are hanging out, and they really do look alike, it’s hard to tell them apart. Jen shows up and she’s wearing these high heel sandals while it currently looks like there’s a snow storm going on. I guess Heather had mentioned that her and Lisa went to school together but Lisa doesn’t remember her. Lisa comes off like she’s too good to remember Heather and it definitely comes off as mean girl status. 

We’re finally meeting Mary who is out to lunch with Whitney. She is dressed way over the top and apparently has no filter. It comes out that MAry and her step grandfather were together, apparently it was in her grandmother’s will for someone in the family to be with him because she knew they would take care of him. This is creepy AF. She’s actually not mormon, she’s penta pascal and is the first lady of the church she inherited from her grandmother. Whitney gets a text from Jen about a party and Mary immediately says that she won’t be invited to the party. We get a little history about Mary and Jen and how they used to be cool but because Mary made some rude comments to Jen about her smelling like a hospital their friendship ended. It turns out that Mary is actually invited to the party so I guess we’ll see how things go between her and Jen.  

It’s the day of Jen’s party for Meredith and she has broken out this microphone that apparently means it’s time for business. She has moved out all of the furniture from her house to make room for this party, and her husband is away and has no idea. Jen tells Heather about the comments Lisa made about not knowing her back in college. Heather gets really upset that Lisa said she was a good time girl in college because she was a very honorable mormon at the time and was even a virgin when she got married. 

Meredith’s son has coordinated this extreme flower petal, rose thing for her birthday. Honestly, the first thing I thought about was who is going to clean all of that up? Apparently this is from her husband but he wasn’t there for the reveal. Meredith is getting ready for her own party and she’s wearing this pink dress with huge feather sleeves and I just can’t unsee the big bird resemblance. 

The ladies start arriving at Jen’s home for the party, her house is completely transformed and looks like a club, amazing. Did I mention there’s shirtless men serving drinks? Meredith arrives and says that she knew it was her birthday but that the party wasn’t for her. Jen makes a grand entrance and then has tonga dancers perform. Jen sits down with Mary and they start talking about their issues. Mary says that she had many surgeries to get her sweat glands removed and she was on her deathbed from it twice. I’m really confused, why is getting your sweat glands removed worth risking your life? Jen explains how her aunt was in the hospital and had both of her legs amputated. Jen calls her friend over who also heard Mary tell her she smelled like hospital. Mary starts to get angry about the situation and Jen also gets upset. HOnestly seems like a really dumb conversation but it really shows how ridiculous these women are, which I enjoy. 

The preview for the season looks very drama filled and lavish. I cannot WAIT to see what these women have in store for us!!


Real Housewives of Salt Lake City TV Show Recaps

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