The Bachelorette Recap

Season 16 | Episode 6

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

We’re back with our girl, Tayshia! They’re starting off with a group date where Ashley and Jarrod (previous bachelor contestants who are now married) are helping with. So this group date is called a grown man challenge. They start off with some math problems and poor Bennet is getting them all wrong and he just happened to go to Harvard, not looking good. 

They then go into a physical challenge where there’s two guys attached to either side of a rope and they have to fight to reach the object at the end. Turns out Bennet won’t even participate in this challenge because he has an old knee injury from his football days, what a baby. 

Now the guys have to make her breakfast in bed. They seem to all do a decent job with their cooking, some are just way cheesier than others. Like when Chasen says he’s the main course for breakfast and takes off his shirt and is only wearing the apron, it’s a no for me but if that’s what you’re into then alright. Poor Ed wins the man child award and has to take this fake crying baby with him. He has a great attitude about it though and embraces the baby. Bennet ends up winning the grown ass man award and plants a kiss right on her lips in front of everyone, that’s not cool to me, super rude to the other guys. Also, he got so many of the questions wrong in the beginning, is Tayshia really that into him to let that go? 

At the cocktail party Chasen starts to give Bennet a hard time for winning without participating in the physical challenge and kissing her in front of them. One of the things that bothers me is that Chasen is just wearing a plain tshirt while Tayshia is in this cute cocktail dress, I just don’t feel like he’s dressed appropriately for the situation. Then he goes and swoops in and talks to Tayshia and doesn’t ask her a single question about herself. 

During Ed’s time with Tayshia after the group date he brings up to her that he thinks Chasen has been using the same verbiage to describe her as he did with Clare and that he thinks Chasen might be there for the wrong reasons. Obviously this upsets Tayshia so she pulls Chasen aside and talks to him. Of course he says the right things but I think he’s a snake. Then he goes back with the guys and starts yelling at Ed for talking to Tayshia about him and it’s just so ridiculous how he’s acting. Don’t get me wrong, I hate when someone chooses to spend their time talking about another person, but the way Chasen confronted Ed about it was sooooooo childish. Thank god we have Ben who is amazing and says this is all so dumb and childish and is not the way a man should act, AMEN! Tayshia gives the group date rose to Ivan, who is also such a sweetie and deserves it. Good for him. 

Now we’re at the rose ceremony. Chasen decides to make a little speech before Tayshia arrives and says he doesn’t want drama and asks Ed if he has anything else to say. Ed is just like I stand by what I said, I appreciate that about him. Bennet says in his interview that Ed got a perfect score on his math SAT, I really wonder if that’s true. During the cocktail hour the guys are really bringing out all of the stops and doing so many cute little surprises for her. Ed tells Tayshia that yesterday Chasen got into his face in an almost physically threatening manner. Tayshia has a great response and says she wants to part with someone who handles situations like that, you go girl. Tayshia pulls Chasen aside and lets him have it. Chasen goes back and talks to Ed and once again the conversation goes nowhere. It’s all just really dumb and needs to be dropped. 

It’s the rose ceremony and I’m hoping she sends Chasen home. And of course she ends up giving him a rose. She sends home three guys while Chasen continues to call her a smokeshow, I just can’t with this guy. 

The guys are going on another group date. The guys are going to be wrestling/fighting on the date. I feel like it’s always fun when they’re going through and learning the skills but when it comes down to the actual action it gets a little intense. Chris comes out and says the guys will be wrestling in front of a live audience that night, and we all know that Chasen and Ed are going to be matched up at some point. 

Some of the guys are actually hilarious and all have really good attitudes about it. I would be running away praying that nobody touches me. A lot of them end up getting hurt and it’s a little scary. Finally Ed and Chasen are matched up together and Ed goes to talk to Chris on the side and basically makes an excuse that he has bad shoulders and can’t do it. I mean, we all know that this is an excuse and I think he would have been better off just going for it and getting his butt kicked rather than looking like a wuss. Noah, who’s not even on the group date but is with the other guys watching, volunteers to fight Chasen. Tayshia ends up inviting Noah to the cocktail party after since he volunteered himself to fight for her. 

Noah of course pulls Tayshia aside first and the other guys are not happy about it. Tayshia tells him that she’s not so sure about his mustache so he offers to shave it off. All of the guys get their time and it seems to be going well. Ben has this plan to talk to her last and they keep playing his interviews so I have a feeling it’s not going to work out for him. Noah goes and interrupts one of the guys times just so she can shave his mustache for him. So weird. They have like a childish flirtation but I definitely don’t think he’s the one. Ben doesn’t end up getting any time with Tayshia and I’m sad for him. She ends up giving the date rose to Noah and I’m assuming it’s because she feels like she has to because he shaved his mustache for her. 

Next week’s episode looks like she’s getting to know the guys better and I think we’re in for some more drama, can’t wait!


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