Real Housewives of Orange County Recap

Season 15 | Episode 6

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The first scene of this episode is Kelly in bed with her fiance, Rick, and I kind of feel uncomfortable. I can’t decide if I like him or not all of a sudden.

And here we go, Coronavirus has hit our screens. Gina and Emily are doing a workout at the park with a personal trainer. The trainer is wearing an EXCESSIVE amount of makeup but I guess she knew this was her 15 seconds of fame. They’re talking about Gina’s domestic violence case and Emily outright says she thinks Matt is a textbook narcissist. I trust Emily’s opinion on this, and many things for that matter. 

Braunwyn and Elizabeth are hanging out and talking about Shannon’s party. Braunwyn says she thinks Shannon having that party with all that tequila was a big slap in her face and Shannon trying to put her in a bad situation because she didn’t warn her. I think Braunwyn is being too sensitive about the situation, it was a party, of course there was going to be alcohol there, it doesn’t warrant a warning. 

Shannon, Gina, and Elizabeth are out to dinner and their men have tagged along. Shannon says that she stockpiled on everything and I dont think anyone is surprised by this. Gina talks about when she went to AA with Braunwyn and is so kind and says she sees Braunwyn completely differently now and does not want to put any more stress on her than she already does. Shannon is being a complete asshole about it and reiterates how Braunwyn hasn’t admitted anything to her and says she will be drinking at the vow renewal. Total mean girl move. 

Braunwyn’s vow renewal is taking place in Palm Springs. She goes to her mother’s home which is like that resort they went to last season where they took all those mindfulness classes. Her mom makes a comment that she’s not as fun sober, such a mean comment to make, that comment would hurt anyone. 

All the women head out to Palm Springs together. On the way up there Emily asks if Shannon has met her ex’s fiance and she says no and that he doesn’t respond to her texts either. I cannot believe that. And then Shannon finally unblocks Emily on instagram, so hilarious she was still blocked. 

Gina breaks it to the girls on the bus that there isn’t going to be any tequila at the vow renewal and Kelly freaks out and is so insensitive. Kelly makes a comment that she’s not a quitter and just because Braunwyn is an alcoholic why does everyone else need to suffer…. Oh man. All of their rooms look nice, it’s a boho vibe. 

Braunwyn looks beautiful in her wedding dress. She keeps saying it’s just a vow renewal but her dress says wedding. Kelly is with her company’s manager and makes a comment to Shannon while her “water” business she’s starting. Of course Shannon gets all in a tissy and clarifies that it’s actually a tincture, not water. Kelly doesn’t even know what a tincture is and I’m not even surprised. 

The officiant for the vow renewal is this amazing drag queen. Braunwyn gives Sean an immunity idol, I mean statement necklace, and Sean gives her a ring with gemstones representing all of their kids. We don’t get to see the rest of the party, that’s coming next week when Shannon is apparently still really upset over Kelly’s water company comment and the tequila is flowing!


Real Housewives of Orange County TV Show Recaps

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