Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Recap

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Season 1 | Episode 2

Back in Salt Lake City we’re right back at Meredith’s birthday party that Jen threw for her. Jen is freaking out about the “smells like hospital” comment Mary made about Jen’s aunt. Honestly, I don’t see the reason for screaming and throwing a fit about it… but we are filming a TV show here. Jen and Mary proceed to go round and round about how hospitals are “triggering” to them (I mean does anyone really like hospitals or their smell?) which ultimately ends with Jen and Mary hugging it out. *Insert eye roll emoji here*.

The next feud that seems to be brewing is between between Whitney and Lisa. The backstory here is that Lisa gifted bottles of her own tequila, Vida Tequila, to Whitney for Whitney’s recent vow renewal. I guess the bartenders Lisa sent to bartend the party were also drinking on the job, which led to some glasses being broken and Whitney being upset. Both women leave the conversation relatively on good terms, but Lisa instantly calling Whitney “trash” to Meredith right after leaves me to believe this is a storyline that’s far from over.

The women are planning a ski trip to the mountains together, but as I predicted, Lisa is still upset with Whitney. What’s funny is she says she’s “over it” but won’t stop talking about it. Here we go…

After shopping for some new ski boots, we learn more about Whitney’s history of breaking away from the Mormon church and her history with her now husband Jim. Whitney admits to Heather that Lisa is apparently black mailing her with supposed rumors she has on her so Whitney won’t bash her tequila company. Convenient that Lisa left that part out in her confessionals… only time will tell who’s telling the truth!

Whitney is getting a lot of screen time this episode because then we get more insight on her relationship with her dad. Whitney’s dad sadly has been addicted to pain meds for the last decade and Whitney was the only one who stood by him while the church pretty much exiled him. It seems like he’s getting the help he needs though, and I hope him and Whitney can have that close relationship they once had.

Next a bomb drops when we find out Meredith and her husband are actually separated. Excuse me, what!? It’s pretty crazy to see him talk so openly about this with her on camera. Meredith in her confessional admits that after all these years they basically got disconnected and weren’t growing together with all the curves life had thrown them. From the outside looking in, it seemingly looks like they both want to make their marriage work, so we’ll see what happens with them.

Ski trip time! Lisa, Jen and Mary don’t know what they’re doing but Whitney, Meredith and Heather can shred!! At dinner Whitney admits to the group that her and her dad are going to attend Mary’s Pentecostal church, which I couldn’t help but notice Heather’s reaction of slight annoyance by this. Whitney then confronts Lisa at the table in front of everyone about how she felt threatened by their recent conversation and how judgmental she feels Lisa is. Lisa simply responds that she doesn’t care about Whitney enough to judge her. Ouch. But Lisa is clearly lying since she can’t stop talking about Whitney in her confessionals? Heather then decides to jump in and address her issues with Lisa and after some arguing Lisa apologizes to both Whitney and Heather if she made them feel bad in any type of way. Whitney says she wants to move forward but in my opinion there is no way Whitney and Heather are even close to having an authentic friendship with Lisa.

Next week it looks like we get some church drama! See y’all then!


Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

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