Real Housewives of Potomac Recap

Season 5 | Episode 17

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The ladies are getting ready for another exciting day in Portugal right after Ashley dropped the bomb to Gizelle and Robyn that she wrote a statement for Monique. They head out to the ocean and it’s a beautiful scene but apparently the water is freezing. Ashley breaks out her breast pump while drinking a beer, she is truly an icon. The women turn the ocean day into a photoshoot and I don’t blame them. 

The ladies are out to another dinner in Portugal, I feel like they’ve been there for so long. They start talking about how their relationships with their men are going since they’ve been gone and Robyn asks if anyone has sent any nude photos while they’ve been in Portugal. As it turns out, Robyn is the only one who has although Ashley gives a look that makes me think she’s also guilty. 

The next day the ladies take sidecars to a poncha bar, the drink they have all been obsessed with during their trip. Robyn shows the ladies the pictures for her Embellished hat line and Karen’s pictures didn’t make the cut. She acts like she doesn’t care but even I would be offended if that happened to me. They go back to the hotel and have lunch after the poncha excursion. Karen tells the ladies that she has a wig line and they all question the amount of businesses she has started in their confessionals. I wonder if these businesses are even doing well? We haven’t heard about the perfume in a while. 

They’re having a dominatrix themed party and all of the ladies dress up in their lingerie outfits and bring their “accessories”. Ashley is so funny and says all of these items she just found in her drawer, I totally see that for her. Candiace is by far the most dressed up and has taken it to a whole new level. They’re playing a game where Ashley asks the ladies questions about their sexual life, the most shocking thing is that Karen says she has retired her mouth and no longer gives blow jobs. Poor Ray. Ashley tells a story of how she met a girl on a dance floor at a concert and the girl ended up putting her hand down her pants while Michael was watching. They’re some freaks. 

Ashley then tells Candiace about how she wrote a statement about the instances that have occurred between them in support of Monique. Leave it to Wendy to put everything into perspective and explain just how this affects Candiace. The other ladies echo that they think it was wrong of Ashley to write that statement and Candiace tells Ashley that Monique has actually talked so much shit about her. Candiace naturally gets super upset at Ashley and goes off on her and surprisingly Ashley doesn’t really have that great of an argument back. Candiace has a breakdown and admits that she’s on anxiety medication because of this and she wakes up worried about what’s going to happen next. I find it so hypocritical of her to say this when she literally was doing the same thing to Ashley for the past few seasons other than physically attacking her. Karen continues to stay neutral and she says in her interview that Monique let her see the court documents where Candiace wrote her statement that she “released” wine or her wine glass onto Monique. To Karen, this means that Candiace has secretly admitted to some fault but is not telling the group or owning up to anything. 

Next episode it looks like some real drama is about to go down at Karen’s wig launch party. Can’t wait to see if Candiace and Monique end up in the same room!


Real Housewives of Potomac TV Show Recaps

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