The Bachelorette Recap

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Season 16 | Episode 7

Another Tuesday, another episode of the Bachelorette! The episode starts with Chris Harrison coming out and telling the boys that this week’s challenge is to write Tayshia an original love song. Oh man, this is going to be good.

As predicted, this group date is pure gold. Most of the men do absolutely terrible, but I applaud them for getting up and singing not just in front of Tayshia, but a whole camera crew while they’re at it. Tayshia ends up picking Ivan as her favorite (he was mine too, little sweetheart!) and as a result, he wins a one-on-one date with Tayshia.

Since its 2020 and its Covid, Ivan and Tayshia’s one-on-one date is at her suite, ordering room service and playing games (a good night, TBH). After a pillow fight, a game of Twister and a round of bocce ball, I will say I love Ivan even more and reeeally hope he goes far. I like seeing these producers show more real conversations and not so much surface level stuff we’re used to seeing. Tayshia and Ivan relate to each other both being mixed and enjoy a HUGE ice cream sundae that could easily feed 20 people. (A little wasteful, eh?) They dig even deeper and both get into details about their families – Ivan is so vulnerable with Tayshia about his brother’s alcohol and drug problems and the heaviness of the world in 2020. Tayshia also gets emotional and reveals how the Black Lives Matter movement affected her so much more than she expected it to. I’ll say it again, thank you Bachelor producers for finally showing some REAL conversations!

The group date the following is on a much lighter note; a friendly little game of truth or dare, with the help of former bachelorette Becca and Sydney, who was also on Colton’s season with Tayshia. This whole date makes me laugh out loud – especially the dare for the men to make their best orgasm noises. Completed with eating a whole habanero pepper and then fake proposing to Tayshia, this group date was nothing short of pure entertainment.

The night portion of the group date consists of us getting to know the men more as they really start to bring their walls down – I definitely think this is overall the best batch of guys the bachelorette has ever had. Zac C. ends up getting the group date rose, even though in my opinion they had a pretty awkward conversation in the hot tub.

Cue to Ben freaking out over whether or not Tayshia is “disappointed” in him so naturally, he goes to talk to her at her suite. Ed also wants to talk to Tayshia – but ends up at Chris Harrison’s room instead. Chris breaks it to Ed that this is, in fact, not Tayshia’s room, but he’s welcome to come in for a drink. This whole scene in general is freaking hysterical – Chris Harrison is a GEM, man. Ben makes it clear to Tayshia that he’s into her and even gets champagne and strawberries ordered to her room. Meanwhile Ed… still can’t find Tayshia’s room. These producers really screwed him, man.

Ben gets aggressive again at the cocktail party, stealing Tayshia away immediately even though he had hours with her the night before. I’m starting not to like him, but we’ll see, my mind could change. Noah is definitely stirring the pot now, falsely telling Tayshia that the men in the house are questioning her integrity as to why she’s on the show. Give me a break, Noah. Tayshia is not having these accusations and thus cancels the rest of the cocktail party. Noah is a total douche, and the rest of the men call him on his BS – especially my boy Bennett. Bennett has the line of the night though, saying that he is here to find love, and not the breastfeed Noah. LOL, give this guy an Emmy, man. He is excellent TV and I cannot wait to see him in paradise!

The fact that literally not ONE GUY is questioning Tayshia or her intentions makes the rest of the rose ceremony annoying to me. I want to scream through my TV, TAYSHIA EVERYONE IS OBSESSED WITH YOU, CHILL. To my horror, Tayshia sends Joe home (I loved him) along with Chasen, Kenny and Jordan C.

Next week it looks like a Bennett and Noah one-on-one!! Please keep Bennett around for our entertainement, Tayshia!

See ya next week!


The Bachelorette

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