Real Housewives of Orange County Recap

Season 15 | Episode 7

Rating: 4 out of 5.

We start this episode still at Braunwyn’s vow renewal. Shannon is still going off on Kelly for her misunderstanding of her new tincture product. Kelly is actually handling it well for Shannon beating a dead horse. 

Shannon goes back to her room with her family and makes a couple of more drinks. The topic of her vow renewal comes up and she gets emotional, seems a little weird to still be talking about given she’s done with the divorce and has a great man now. She finally makes it to the after party and is completely wasted. She tries to talk to Braunwyn’s kids and it’s so hilarious, the kids are old enough to realize how wasted she is and they’re just standing there try to hold in their laughter. 

Emily tries to get to the bottom of Elizabeth not sleeping with her boyfriend because her divorce isn’t finalized yet. Elizabeth makes the situation worse by saying that they don’t even make out. I’m sorry, what? That’s not even a relationship, that’s just a friendship. She does admit that it’s her boyfriends choice to not partake in anything sexually until her divorce is finalized, I have never heard of someone being like that, so bizarre. 

Once again Shannon brings up the water line to Kelly. Kelly has a field day with how drunk she is and doesn’t take her seriously at all. All the women are together now and start talking to Elizabeth again about her sex life with her boyfriend. She reveals that she’s slept with him one time when she first met him but after she told him she was still married they haven’t slept together since. I just don’t understand how that works and I really don’t feel like she’s fitting into this group. It seems like she has a lot to hide and has a really hard time being completely honest, it just doesn’t make sense to me. Shannon goes up to Braunwyn at the end of the night and tells her she loves her and claims she only had one drink and hid the tequila in her room out of respect for her, Shannon is not going to have any recollection of this at all I bet. 

The next morning Gina and Emily wake up early to support Braunwyn by going to an AA meeting with her. Shannon also looks destroyed the next morning and it’s hilarious to me, I am surprised she’s even up at all, she’s probably still drunk. Elizabeth woke up extremely upset about her divorce and calls her mom to talk. She’s having a major breakdown about not only her divorce but her thoughts behind everything and how she feels like she’s messed up. What I find really weird is how mid breakdown she stops and says that she needs botox, it seems like all those years with money and luxury really got to her head. 

All of the ladies meet at the pool for breakfast and all the women look so cute but Shannon shows up in a robe. Turns out two of Braunwyn’s kids have lice too, oh my god no. They start to talk about Covid and how only about 30 people have died so far, they all think it’s going to go away and that the flu kills more people so it’s not a big deal at all. If only they knew what we know now. Elizabeth starts telling the ladies about how she’s struggling about her divorce and how she texted her ex that morning saying she is sorry for filing for divorce and she still loves him and just wants him to apologize. Naturally all of the women are confused and don’t understand what she’s doing and tell her that she is never going to get that apology. Elizabeth continues to say how she’s still in love with him and doesn’t really know how she feels. Emily tells her that she doesn’t think she’s ready to be in another relationship and she says that her and Jimmy aren’t even sleeping together so they’re basically friends. Did I not just say that?! Gina has a really good point, she asks her if right now she settled would she have enough to survive forever? Elizabeth says without a doubt, yes she has enough. So Gina tells her she needs to walk away. 

I really hope Elizabeth takes the women’s advice, she needs to move on! I am excited to see how that is going to play out and what’s to come of their relationships. 


Real Housewives of Orange County

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