Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Recap

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Season 1 | Episode 3

The main event this week is Heather throwing a baby shower for 5 of her employees, equipped with mini Range Rovers and all! We really get an insight on Heather’s divorce, which honestly is really sad. She reveals she got married not for love, but because her ex-husband was Mormon and she was “born to have a family”. Even with him leaving her after 11 years of marriage, she still wishes she was married because divorce is looked so down upon in the Mormon church. She even goes as far as to say she doesn’t think she’s actually been in love ever, which is just terrible all around. I hope some day in the future she can look past all of this, because you should never marry someone for the sole purpose that they have the same religion as you.

I’m calling it right now – the real star of RHOSLC is Meredith’s son, Brooks. I’m dying in his confessionals about how appalled he is at Jen’s behavior and I can only hope we see more and more of time throughout this season because this kid is FUNNY.

After seeing Lisa give her son a driving lesson, we’re onto dinner with Mary and Meredith. Mary doesn’t know how to handle her 17 year old son having his first girlfriend as he’s now more interested in his girlfriend than her. Obviously. I really can’t dig too much more into this because I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fact that she’s MARRIED to Robert Sr., to her STEP GRANDFATHER. AND HAS A CHILD WITH HIM. It’s just the most bizarre situation in the world and I truly question her late grandmother’s sanity because she wanted this to happen! Even weirder, Mary reveals that her mom actually wanted to marry Robert Sr. because she wanted to be the “first lady of the church” which means Mary’s mom wanted to marry her STEP FATHER once her mom passed away. I can’t, y’all. This is way waaaaaay too weird. We even learn that Mary even faked being on her period the night they got married because she didn’t want to have sex with him on their wedding night. Oh, you mean you didn’t want to have sex with your STEP GRANDPA!? How strange!

We see more Brooks (yay!). This king is making homemade almond milk while he tells his mom how uncomfortable Jen made him and sister Chloe felt and puts the hammer down on Jen coming over again to spend the night at their house. Brooks is definitely coming across as more of the parent figure than Meredith is at the moment and I am here for it.

The more I see Mary the more off-her-rocker-vibes I get. She’s now claiming Robert (her son) needs to go to a boarding school in L.A. since he’s at the age where she feels like he could “spiral out of control and make bad decisions”. But let’s be real Mary, you just don’t want him having a girlfriend. Get ahold of yourself, girl!! This is ridiculous at this point.

Speaking of Mary, we now see her church in action when Whitney takes her dad there for a service. Mary really gets into it as she’s speaking and the congregation truly seems to love her. Mary then prays over Meredith, Whitney and Whitney’s father, which Whitney reveals he finally feels loved and accepted. If any church can make someone feel like that, then that’s great and I hope he continues to get better.

Next, its baby shower time! Everyone is dressed in white, and because this is Housewives, it goes without saying that there will be a little bit of drama. When Whitney tells Jen that her and Meredith attended Mary’s church, Jen instantly takes it personal and says Meredith attending is a personal attack on her. Jen so far is extremely annoying to me, and I can already tell she’s going to be the pot stirrer of the group.

Time for Whitney’s 1920s party, at a secret bar during the prohibition and all. Lisa instantly judges her for having strippers at the party, and as we came to expect, Jen is not only mad at Meredith for attending Mary’s church, but is also mad that Meredith cancelled their sleepover. (What are we, 8?)

Next week it looks like Jen completely loses her s**t at the 1920s party and we’ll maybe get some insight on Meredith’s separation. Love this Housewives franchise so much already!


Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

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