Real Housewives of Potomac Recap

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Season 5 | Episode 18

This week we’re back in Potomac and learn Karen is starting a wig line seemingly out of nowhere? So to celebrate the launch of this new line, Karen is throwing a “wig shift” party, as one does.

Monique is back after not seeing her at all last week, and is out to lunch with Ashley. The now infamous wig shift party gets brought up, and Ashley is surprised to learn that Monique has been invited when Karen specifically told the rest of the ladies in Portugal that Monique would not be invited out of respect to Candiace. Ashley decides to call Karen, have her on speaker and directly confront her about Monique’s invitation to the party (with Monique right there of course). Karen deflects as she usually does, and denies ever saying that Monique wasn’t invited (she definitely did say this in Portugal, though).

After we see Robyn and Juan house hunting (can he freaking propose to her already!?), we see Gizelle out to eat with her girls to celebrate Grace’s birthday. You can’t make up how upset they are at the fact that their DAD will be staying with them for awhile through the holidays. If your own children don’t want their parents to get back together isn’t this a sign that y’all shouldn’t be getting back together? Especially after the fact Gizelle’s dad dropped the bomb that Jamal has 6 or 7 baby mamas? Sounds like Gizelle needs to run and keep running from this man.

Seeing Karen try to spice things up with Ray is both hilarious yet cute all at once with rose petals, champagne and even a bubble bath. Hopefully these two can get some passion back in their love life.

Wendy also gets really vulnerable with her mother this episode in regards to her career and how she can’t shake the fact that most of her accolades she’s earned in life has been for the sole purpose of pleasing her mom. Wendy’s mom is not having it when Wendy expresses that she no longer wants to be a professor but feels more fulfilled doing her political commentary. I can’t imagine the pressure Wendy must feel at this point. Her mom does end the conversation though saying Wendy is a good daughter and that she’s proud of her no matter what – which is all Wendy wanted to hear at the end of the day.

After hair and makeup for Gizelle’s family photoshoot, we learn Jamal is not showing up due to a missed connecting flight in Atlanta. In my opinion its just another mark to add to the fact that Jamal isn’t showing up for Gizelle or their children.

Ashley and Michael’s dinner they host for Ashley’s family is awkward, but necessary. Michael awkwardly apologizes to them for cheating on Ashley and says “it will never happen again” but I don’t trust anything that comes out of this man’s mouth and personally think it’s only a matter of time before he does something sketchy again.

Finally the infamous wig shift party is here and *gasp* Monique shows up to congratulate Karen then leaves to go to a charity event. Literally two minutes after Monique leaves is when the rest of the ladies show up (sans Gizelle – she has beef with Karen’s business partner). You can tell Karen is freaking out but dodges a serious bullet since Candiace didn’t see Monique. The wig shift party is… interesting to say the least. From the outside looking in it doesn’t even look like its Karen’s business at all – she’s more the face of it instead? All the ladies are confused, and rightfully so. I cannot keep track of Karen and her antics, man. Then, after some back and forth with the women over Monique’s invitation, Karen LEAVES HER OWN PARTY. This is ridiculous!! I can’t with her!

Next week sadly we have the season finale and things look CRAZY y’all. I’m already sad this season is coming to an end!


Real Housewives of Potomac

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