Real Housewives of Orange County Recap

Season 15 | Episode 8

As Braunwyn and Sean’s vow renewal wrapped up the ladies linger in Palm Springs a little longer. Gina, Emily and Shannon are genuinely confused by Elizabeth’s situation with her ex-husband and how much money she does or doesn’t have. Even Kelly and Braunwyn tell Elizabeth to stop talking about her money as it is really obnoxious. Elizabeth agrees with them, but I feel like Elizabeth is going to continuously have issues gaining the trust of Shannon, Gina and Emily.

Watching this episode is giving me a little bit of PTSD from earlier this year showing news clips of when COVID-19 was first declared a global pandemic by the WHO. I know they have to show this stuff because they were filming in early March, but I mean do they really have to show it? I’d rather not relive that time!!

We get more of Braunwyn’s issues with alcohol, depression and anxiety in her one-on-one therapy session where she even reveals that she was admitted to a psych ward several years ago? That’s crazy, man. Braunwyn and her therapist have A LOT to unlock here and I feel kind of bad for her that all of her very real issues are the main storyline this season.

We then see Shannon and her oldest daughter shopping for her Debutant, which makes me laugh because I can’t believe people still have these things. Braunwyn then takes her son Jake to get his makeup done as he’s expressed interest in dressing in drag. Since Braunwyn never felt supported as a child she wants her Jake and all of her children to feel supported in every way shape and form, so I have to commend her for being present with her son now that she’s sober.

Back to Elizabeth’s divorce – we’re now seeing her on a weight loss journey as she’s gained 30 pounds since her divorce. After FaceTiming with her mom she reveals how mad she is that the women think she’s annoying for constantly bringing the divorce up all the time in addition with her money… why do I get the feeling Elizabeth is never going to truly fit in with this snobby group?

Corona PTSD is coming back full force as Shannon is getting neurotic about it (she is at risk with a preexisting lung disease). Although normally I roll my eyes at Shannon’s antics I have to say, she was right about this one. It’s funny watching this episode back to see the other women *cough Kelly cough* claim that Covid “isn’t a big deal” – oh, how wrong they were!

As schools and other extra curricular activities are closing, Gina and Braunwyn are realizing the severity of Covid. Braunwyn’s eldest daughter Rowan already struggles with anxiety and OCD so the potential of running out of food and people dying is really not helping her. Same Rowan, same. The realization that Braunwyn won’t be able to attend AA meetings and will be stuck in the house with 7 kids causes her to blow up on Sean – and I will say I’m so curious now to see how their relationship plays out over the course of the season now that we’ve learned that Braunwyn has recently come out as a lesbian.

What a wild ride OC is continuing to be – see y’all next week!

Real Housewives of Orange County

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