Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Recap

Season 1 | Episode 4

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Salt Lake City we’re back!! Jen tells Meredith that she’s wondering if she doesn’t want to hang out with her because Mary would get mad. Jen is starting to fly off the handle, which is becoming a regular thing and I’m not that mad about it. She thinks Meredith isn’t being a loyal friend because she’s hanging out and going to church with Mary. Of course, Meredith is confused and doesn’t understand what Jen is talking about. It’s like Jen is trying to stake her claim as Meredith’s friend and acting so jealous that Meredith isn’t giving her all of her attention, it’s pretty childish. Jen ends up yelling that Mary f**** her grandfather to which all of the women agree that she’s gone too far. The best part of all of this is that Heather gets up from her table and gives clear instructions to the women still sitting there to not let them clear the burger. I LOVE this woman. 

The next day it’s like the the Jen hangover, everyone is talking about how out of control she gets and how they’re scared of her. Kind of hilarious but also really sad to be scared of your friend.

Meredith is out shopping for her new home with Lisa. She finally tells Lisa that she is separated from her husband and Lisa’s reaction is actually sweet, she does have a softer side. She even cries about it with her and asks her what she can do for her. 

Lisa is over at Mary’s house. They’re discussing the Jen outburst at Whitney’s party and neither one of them understands why Jen is so angry at Mary. 

Jen and Heather are hanging out. You can tell they’re real friends because they’re totally chill hanging out at home eating and gossiping. Heather brings up the way Jen acted at the party. Jen says that things are just really hard right now, her husband is away coaching and never home and it’s also almost the one year anniversary of her father’s death. Now it’s starting to make sense why she’s been such a rollercoaster. She admits that she’s been lonely since her husband is gone but he didn’t even make it to her father’s funeral because he had a game. That’s really messed up and she’s really hurt from it. It turns out that Jen has known about Meredith’s separation for months and been a good friend to her so she’s hurt, still don’t really know why but she’s hurt. Jen also tells Heather about Meredith’s separation, I see drama on the horizon. 

The ladies are going to Mary’s Met Gala themed luncheon. The women are kind of making fun of her theme and how extra everything is given its noon in Salt Lake City but they’re all being really good sports about it. The Louis Vuitton gift boxes probably don’t hurt either. Mary is saying grace before lunch and gets emotional about it, slightly weird but if that’s normal for her then cool. Mary asks all of the women to write something down about themselves that the other ladies don’t know about them that they want to share. The ladies are all fairly open, Lisa is very self-centered, and then Jen shares about her childhood and father. She talks about how she grew up in a tough environment always having to prove herself and that she’s a fiercely loyal friend so when she feels it’s not reciprocated she gets very hurt. I mean it does make sense but everything about her is just so dramatic. 

I’m excited to pick back up at Mary’s luncheon and see how the women handle Jen’s honesty. See ya next week!


Real Housewives of Salt Lake City TV Show Recaps

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