Real Housewives of Potomac Recap

Season 5 | Episode 19

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I am very conflicted about this episode, so excited for the finale but sad it’s over! 

Robyn is hosting a holiday party and says that she didn’t invite Monique. It’s also speculated that Juan will be proposing at this party, is it really going to happen?!

Ashley is giving Michael the rundown of what happened at Karen’s wig party. Michael is clearly still upset with Candiace and how ugly she acted towards him in the past. Michael also makes a comment that there is no way that Juan will be proposing to Robyn either. This makes me so confused, what does he know!? A whole conspiracy goes through my mind that maybe Juan is gay and only Michael knows this because he’s made passes at him in the past but this is just my crazy mind making up crazy stories…. I hope. 

Karen is going on HSN to sell her perfume, how exciting for her. But how do you sell perfume through the tv? You can’t smell it…… Anyways, she shows the text receipts of her telling Monique to come to the wig party at 4 and telling Candiace to come at 6:30. This is her trying to prove that she didn’t try to set anyone up. I do think she’s smart enough not to put anything in writing that’s going to incriminate her. 

Robyn and Juan are in therapy and Robyn explains that when she met Juan back in high school he had just loss both of his parents a few months prior. That must have been super hard for him, so sad. They continue to talk about their issues and how when they had their kids neither one of them were very present in their marriage because Juan was traveling for basketball and Robyn was busy raising two babies. It seems like they’re on the same page now and that everything 

It’s the night of Robyn’s holiday party and Robyn is actually on time, I thought that was worth noting. Jamal is once again nowhere to be found. Karen sent a text earlier that day saying her flight was delayed and now she’s not sure if she’ll be able to make the party, she’s so full of it. Candiace is apparently going to perform at the party, why do we keep getting performances? Nobody asked for this. Ashley brings up to Gizelle that Michael told her he didn’t think Juan would propose and they would get married. Of course, Gizelle takes this information and runs with it and gets all worked up over it. 

Candiace is giving her performance and the microphone cracks and the music is super low we can’t even hear it. It really is super awkward and then all of a sudden the music turns up and it’s a little less cringey. Juan then grabs the mic and starts saying the cutest things ever, then he gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. I honestly got tears in my eyes, I’m so happy for them. Michael is acting weird and now taking shots when he wasn’t supposed to be drinking hard alcohol. 

Karen ends up showing up to the party and missed the proposal. Karen is getting called out on all of her bullshit. Candiace explains the timeline of how she couldve easily ran into Monique at her wig event and Karen doesn’t have a good rebuttal at all. Candiace starts to say that there is no way that Monique can be sorry when at the same time she’s on social media slamming her still. Ashley chimes in and says that Monique is actually sorry and has expressed that to her many times. Candiace flies off the handle and starts yelling at them that they’re drinking the kool aid and they saw what happened and Monique can’t control herself. Michael sees what’s happening between the women and tries to tell Chris that he needs to control his wife. Nobody would take that comment well, Chris gets mad and pushes Michael and tells him to get away from him. Obviously physical contact is never the answer but I understand why Chris is upset. Both Candiace and Ashley get up to attend to their men and they of course tell their wives what just happened. Ashley gets upset at Chris and Candiace and actually has a very valid point, saying that Chris can get so upset that someone laid hands on his wife but he has the nerve and lack of self control to lay hands on someone himself. She’s not wrong. Obviously Chris didn’t hurt Michael and it really wasn’t that bad, but he shouldn’t have touched him at all. Michael gets all crazy and annoying saying he’s going to call his lawyer and Chris is going to jail. Juan gets in Michael’s face to tell him to stfu, thank god someone is this guy is obnoxious. 

Chris and Candiace remove themselves and Chris walks away with some swag, I’m not mad about it. The party goes on without them as it rightfully should. Michael asks the producers to take off his mic, then he goes into the backroom where production is and starts yelling at them for seemingly no reason. Of course security then comes and they try to escort him and Michael is yelling like a baby that they’re touching him. Ashley then gets involved and is also yelling at him to stop but he is out of control. Michael goes outside and Ashley is pissed. Then we get the blurb that says they went on a family vacation the next day and she is now pregnant with baby #2. I really don’t understand their relationship at all, I don’t think she actually loves him or even likes him, how could she? It’s super confusing to me. 

We get Monique’s last interview where she explains that the court was able to watch all of the footage and came to the conclusion that this was not an attack and it was actually a mutual fight so the complaints have been dropped. Candiace then gets her interview and says Monique and her trash lawyer were able to spread lies and make it seem like this was just reality tv fodder. She needs to just accept what happened and move forward, the court has decided, she’s learned her lesson, now let’s all move on. 

I can’t wait for this reunion and to see Candiace and Monique back in the same room again!!


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