The Bachelorette Recap

Season 16 | Episode 8

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Jojo is back!!! Honestly so excited for this, love her. Tayshia says she’s falling for multiple people and she’s scared since she’s already been married and doesn’t want to make a mistake. Totally understandable. Chris introduces Jojo to the guys and it almost seems like he’s getting ready to pass the hosting torch to her, that would be interesting. 

Tayshia is on a one on one with Zach, the addiction specialist. For their date they’re taking wedding pictures, you read that right, wedding pictures. Zach catches on that Tayshia is really apprehensive and nervous and tries to make her feel at ease. They end up having a lot of fun and it turns out to be a great time. Zach says that he’s also been married before, I think this makes Tayshia like him even more. During the dinner portion of their date he drops the bomb that he’s actually had a brain tumor when he was out of college. After the surgery to remove the tumor he had prescriptions to painkillers and says that he got really into partying and ended up getting married, arrested, and then divorced. He explains that he was struggling really badly and was hopeless at points and even stole his dad’s check. When he went to cash the catch, the teller actually calls his dad and tells the dad to come down to the bank and when he did he had a come to Jesus moment and ended up going to rehab. He’s had a really hard past but it’s great to see that he’s doing well and came out on the other side. I feel like Tayshia is super into him now and she can trust that he’s mature and a man and will take care of her. 

Now it’s time for the group date and once again seems highly inappropriate. They’re supposed to sketch the naked couple standing there, at least they’re not the ones getting naked I guess. Noah was sitting next to Tayshia and Bennet geniously tells him that it’s actually his seat and he needs to move. Noah is an idiot and actually believes him. They’re all terrible at drawing  by the way. They then put on blind folds and are supposed to mold the clay, and once again Bennett sneaks some kisses in while the other guys are completely oblivious working on their clay molds. Something is weird to me about doing that, I don’t think I would like that if I was Tayshia. The guys then have to create a self portrait and they’re actually really creative and heartfelt, I’m impressed. Then it comes to Ben and he does have a portrait completed but he says he forgot something, then comes back in a robe and strips down to his birthday suit. He makes this cute speech about how all of him is for her and she’s really taken aback from it. After everyone has gone she slips away and becomes really emotional and is overwhelmed. I don’t blame her, they really let their walls down and it was very mature and vulnerable of them. All of the guys tell each other they’re moved by the meaning of each other’s art and it’s really cute to see them support each other. 

Now it’s the cocktail hour of the group date. Noah and Bennet are still having stupid bickering moments but honestly Noah is being more mature about it than Bennet. Ben tells Tayshia that he works in fitness and nutrition because he struggled with an eating disorder for years. When he was younger he realized girls don’t like the fat kid so he stopped eating and started working out, that makes me so sad! Tayshia ends up giving the group date rose to Ben and I am so happy for him. 

Tayshia is having her one on one with Eazy. They’re going ghost hunting and it seems fun and like a different thing to do. Eazy is hilarious and keeps screaming with this high pitched voice, I love it. They’re out to dinner now and Eazy tells her he’s falling in love with her and the mood shifts and becomes very serious. I can’t read Tayshia, I don’t know if she’s excited or worried now that he’s said that. Okay, and now my heart just broke because she chooses to NOT give him a rose and says that she’s just not there with him. I can’t, I love this guy, he is SO sweet!!! I think she’s making a mistake. However, I do really appreciate her honesty and ability to make hard decisions. 

Jojo comes into the guys house and tells them that the cocktail party is still going to happen but Tayshia is still concerned about the drama between Bennet and Noah. Tayshia has requested to see both of them before the cocktail party and one of them will be going home. Bennet is just rubbing me the wrong way, he seems like a total prick now and I kind of hope he gets sent home. I don’t think Tayshia would like him if she saw what was truly happening. 

Noah and Bennet are waiting for Tayshia to arrive. Bennet pulls this stupid act of getting Noah a gift and says had he known there was tension he would’ve nipped it in the bud. What a liar. He’s a manipulator I think, he’s just totally rubbing me all wrong now. Part of the gift is a book on emotional intelligence, how ‘bachelor’ of him. As soon as Tayshia walks in Bennet puts on this gentleman act. 

Of course we get left hanging and don’t get to see who gets sent home but I really hope it’s Bennet! Until next week!


The Bachelorette

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