The Bachelorette Recap

Season 16 | Episode 9

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Picking back where we left off last week with the infamous 2-on-1 date; this season it stars Bennett and Noah. I will say, I just love Bennett. Was his “gift” to Noah last week was totally unnecessary? Yes. Childish, even? Absolutely. But he makes for excellent reality TV and I am here for it.

Tayshia “essentially” feels that Bennett is questioning her integrity, which I whole-heartedly disagree. Bennett seems to redeem himself with our Bachelorette after explaining to her how he feels Noah lacks emotional intelligence (LOL, queue Carin and Taylor Nolan from Nick’s season), but ultimately Bennett’s condescending tone gets him sent home on this classic Bachelor/Bachelorette villain 2-on-1 showdown.

My boy Bennett goes out honorably though (can’t wait to see this man in paradise) and Tayshia ends up not giving the rose to Noah, either. We can only hope she sends Mustache home too.

The following cocktail party consists of a “one week anniversary” cake from Riley (WUT all of this happened in only one week!?) and a lot of making out with the other dudes before the rose ceremony. I feel like we’re finally cutting off the dead weight (minus Bennett – I stan him). Ben, Zac, Brendan, Riley, Blake (surprising), Ivan and stupid Mustache get roses, meaning its adios for Spencer, Demar and Ed. I’m not happy about her sending Demar home either and hope he’s in paradise, too.

It’s now a new day which calls for a one-on-one date with Ben. Jojo sets up a little scavenger hunt for them and just as I’m thinking “wow, we still know nothing about this guy“, Ben opens up to Tayshia is a big way. He reveals he broke his back at 26 years old, which ended his military career and has tried to commit suicide twice. That’s heavy, man – and airing this out on national television, nonetheless. You definitely get the vibe that Ben is a deep guy and doesn’t crack easily but man it seems like he has been put through the ringer. Ben is given a rose on their date, which means he has secured a spot for hometowns next week. On a side note, how is it possible that hometowns are next week already!?

Zac, Brendan, Riley, Ivan and Mustache get the unfortunate week-before-hometowns group date, which consists of them having to take polygraph tests. Yikes. Tayshia takes the test first to ease the men into it, but it still doesn’t go over all that well for them. Zac tells the truth about cheating in the past, which clearly rubbed Tayshia the wrong way. Look. I personally do not believe in the whole “once a cheater always a cheater” crap – Zac seems like a genuine dude and uh Tayshia, do you not remember this man had a legit drug addicition?! Maybe extend some grace here?

My previous rant ends up being for nothing as Zac admits to Tayshia that his “cheating” was on his 6th grade girlfriend with another girl who he kissed at a bowling alley. LOL. I appreciate his humor + honesty, which is causing Zac just to keep climbing up the ranks in my book.

Meanwhile, Riley is breaking down. Riley totally failed his lie detector test, even lying about what his name is. Hmmm. But we learn that Riley had a falling out with his dad as a young adult and although he was extremely vague, it sounds like his dad stole from his mom too?? But since Riley was originally named after his dad, he legally changed his name after their falling out. Hence why he was lying! It all makes sense now. Tayshia decides she needs more time before she can give the group rose date out, so we’ll just have to see what she decides to do at the next rose ceremony – which has become a classic Tayshia move this season.

But hold up – not so fast! My boy Bennett is back and is not going down without a fight! He drops the ultimate bomb (the L bomb to be exact), and tells Tayshia he loves her! I did not see this coming and clearly Tayshia didn’t either. She tells him he can stay (for now) but needs to think about whether or not he can come back in the mix with the other men. But based on next week’s previews it looks like he might stay? Can’t wait for back-to-back episodes next week!


The Bachelorette

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