Real Housewives of Orange County Recap

Season 15 | Episode 9

Rating: 3 out of 5.

This episode is very covid-centric as this was filmed right when the shutdowns were happening across the country, and the world. The first five minutes literally made me scream because Braunwyn DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO USE A WASHING MACHINE. Yes, you read that right. Moments like this makes me wonder why I even watch this show, but here we are.

The way each women are handling quarantine and Covid isn’t any real surprise; Elizbeth and Kelly think its “blown out of proportion”, Emily, Gina and Braunwyn are taking it seriously, while Shannon is completely neurotic about the whole thing.

Day 14-16 of quarantine consists of Kelly in NYC with her fiance Rick and day 19 and 20 Braunwyn starts losing her sh*t with Sean. With 7 kids, a husband who keeps saying “it’s all going to be fine”, I would lose it too.

Shannon ends up kicking her boyfriend’s son out of her house because he broke her rules of hanging out with friends against Shannon’s orders. John (Shannon’s bf) ends up leaving, but then comes back which is an issue in itself as Shannon is one of the ones at risk since she has issues with her lungs.

Kelly ends up being stuck in NYC, unable to go home to OC to be with her daughter. Meanwhile, Elizabeth keeps preaching that Covid-19 is a big pharma scheme (insert eye roll emoji here) and her divorce has been postponed as well because of the shutdowns. Yiiiiikes. Looks like sex still won’t be happening anytime soon between Elizabeth and Jimmy.

We really see Braunwyn (and her marriage) spiraling out of control. Braunwyn admits she hit Sean (what?) and has done it before in the past as well. As of this episode she is 89 days sober and can only imagine how quarantine would make her want to drink. Shoot, it made me want to drink A LOT and I’m not an alcoholic.

The women are finally all together sans Elizabeth and Gina (outside, socially distanced of course) with Elizabeth seemingly on the outs with the rest of the group again. Her half-truths keep getting her in trouble, and I definitely think she’s insecure about many things; her divorce, her current relationship, her family, etc. After some digging Braunwyn tells Emily she actually doesn’t think Elizabeth has all the money that she claims to have. Apparently her house was recently listed on VRBO, and Braunwyn even somehow found out she took 2 loans out on her Newport house for over $1 million. The real question here is how does Braunwyn have time to look all this up with 7 kids!?

Elizabeth wants to plan a girls trip with the women to Lake Arrowhead, but this is already a problem because Kelly invited Braunwyn and Shannon instead of Elizabeth doing so directly. Oh boy. Elizabeth is about to walk into a fire and she doesn’t even know it.

The episode ends on a heavy note when the murder of George Floyd happens. We see Braunwyn and her children attend a BLM march and reliving this all again via RHOC is just crazy. It’s good to see Bravo showing these real life situations and I think we’re going to get really heavy-hitting conversations between the women regarding social justice issues throughout the reason. At the end we learn Shannon’s daughter Stella has tested positive for Covid which I’m sure we’ll hear more of next week.

Until then!


Real Housewives of Orange County

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