Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Recap

Season 1 | Episode 5

Rating: 4 out of 5.

We’re back and the luncheon continues! Meredith accepts Jen’s apology but Mary gets upset over a couple things Jen says and they start going at it. The ladies have Mary’s back but they also want Jen to settle it and act mature for once, which we’re still not sure if she is capable of. They try to settle it but it seems like Mary is just too upset to have an actual conversation, she’s being very defensive. Jen brings up a comment that Mary made a few months ago, apparently she said that if she goes to a 7-11 and sees black people she goes to a different convenience store. Mary doesn’t even deny that she said that. That is disgusting and not to mention that Mary is black!! What the heck is going on here. 

We’re at home with Heather and her kids and I just love her daughters. They seem so close and normal. The younger one is hilarious too. Heather says that her ex husband continues to support them because he wanted their children to have a mother that is always there for them which I think is very sweet of him. 

I don’t understand how Meredith and her husband are keeping it sort of together. They live in two different states and every couple years they have had to move for his job because he’s in the “deep discount” business. I have no idea what that means. 

Mary and Jen are both venting to their husbands about the luncheon and their differences. The husbands both seem very supportive and Jen’s husband is a saint for putting up with her antics. Mary’s grandfather, I mean husband, is also telling her not to worry about it and offers to send a bodyguard with her. 

Whitney tells us about her big blended family, her parents had children prior to their marriage and then two kids of their own. Once her parents got divorced there was a divide between the children which only got worse when they found out her dad was a drug addict. 

Lisa’s son is turning eight and they’re having a birthday party at the bowling alley. Her son Henry is funny but definitely seems like a handful, just a wild boy. She talks about her marriage and how in the mormon church marriage is not for a lifetime, it’s for eternity and those values have helped define their marriage and family. I actually like that belief and the value they place on marriage and family, but I will not be converting any time soon. 

Whitney is dropping her dad off at the sober living facility. I’m happy for them, I hope he gets the help he needs and continues to heal. 

Meredith’s husband is going back to Ohio for his work. She says their time together while he’s been in town has not been that great, they’ve been fighting a lot. He offers to give her space and step out of the picture for a little and she agrees with him. He gets very emotional and says he doesn’t want to separate and it’s really hard to watch. Meredith has the belief that they need to work on things independently before they can be happy together again, I’m just not sure how that’s going to work but I hope they’re able to figure it out. 

Mary and Heather are out to dinner which just further proves that Heather is a gem. Mary is trying to explain her feelings about Jen and it really doesn’t make sense. She talks about her husband is not her blood grandfather and it was her grandmother’s wish. Given her grandmother was so successful and created this empire, she thought she knew what she was talking about. 

It looks like next episode we’re getting an inside look at Sundance and Katie and Lala from Vanderpump Rules make a cameo. No offense but I really don’t need this crossover, RHOSLC is already relevant enough, we don’t need to bring in these extras. 


Real Housewives of Salt Lake City TV Show Recaps

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