Real Housewives of Potomac Recap

Season 5 | Reunion Part 1

The reunion we’ve all been waiting for is finally upon us! It’s bittersweet; as happy as I am the reunion is here, I am so sad about the Potomac season ending at the same time.

After temperature checks and hair and makeup, we finally begin. All the ladies are looking gorgeous in yellow gowns and our king Andy Cohen is looking dapper per usual.

The first topic of conversation is Gizelle’s questionable fashion choices throughout the season, to which Karen wastes no time in getting her digs in. According to Karen, watching Gizelle’s outfit choices back was “therapeutic” for her during quarantine, which you can’t help but laugh at – I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Gizelle and Karen’s back-and-forth banter season after season.

Wendy’s personal recap of the season is awesome overall (with several mentions of her four degrees, of course). Wendy is in fact the first Nigerian housewife, which she is proud of – you go girl. She has no time for Ashley though when Ashley tries to claim she uses her education as an excuse to put others down. Wendy shuts her down pretty instantly by saying Nigerians are proud people and their education is the thing that’s most important to them. I hope we see Wendy back next season, I think she brings a great well-rounded element to the Potomac cast.

It’s clear Wendy and Karen will not be becoming bffs anytime soon, especially with Gizelle and Robyn’s claims that Karen tried to get Wendy kicked off the show from the start. Yikes.

It doesn’t take long at all for the fighting to ensue between Ashley and Candiace; from Candiace calling Ashley’s voice “trash” to Andy backing up Ashley and calling Candiace “a disaster” on Twitter, the fighting between these two is another constant we’ve come to expect on RHOP.

Things get real when the issue of colorism comes up; Wendy reveals that out of the rest of the women, her and Candiace are the ones that get called aggressive the most on social media and by the public in general because they have darker skin than the other women do, which honestly is incredibly shocking/so sad to hear. THIS IS 2020, PEOPLE. Come on. Wendy tries to tell Ashley to watch her words because what she says can influence and confirm vile opinions of a lot of haters out there. I feel like the women can get much more into the weeds in this conversation – there’s so many aspects of it to be discussed. Although I’m sure very edited, I’m glad Bravo aired this convo, even though it was short lived.

Now we get to the infamous Pastor-who-only-lives-in-your-phone Jamal Bryant. The more I hear of this guy the sleazier he sounds. Karen drops a bomb by claiming the “word on the street” is that Gizelle and Jamal aren’t really back together and that he just had ANOTHER baby with a SEVENTH woman?! Excuse me, what? This dude is a pastor?! As Gizelle is in the process of denying these claims, Moniques BUSTS OUT her binder!! My jaw is on the floor at this point, as Monique reads damning text messages between Jamal and his supposed girlfriend in Atlanta. Gizelle looks like a deer in headlights; the text messages read that Jamal and Gizelle’s rekindling was “for reality tv only” AKA totally fraudulent. What I’m the most blown away by is Gizelle is not even denying any of this – I truly don’t think she ever thought in her wildest dreams that Monique would have this info and I’m starting to really question Gizelle more than ever.

The to be continued leaves us on a total cliffhanger and I am just chomping at the bit for part 2. See y’all next week!


Real Housewives of Potomac

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