The Real Housewives of Orange County

Season 15 | Episode 9

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Covid has officially his RHOC. Right out of the gate, Emily says that she tested positive for covid. The women are heading out on a girls trip that Elizabeth planned but of course Emily can’t go now. Apparently all of Shannon’s kids tested positive too so she also won’t make the trip. 

Right away Elizabeth shares with Kelley  that she knows Braunwyn was snooping about her finances. Elizabeth also shows Kelley and Gina a video of Braunwyn out socializing when they were all supposed to be quarantining prior to this trip. I would also be mad if I saw that. Braunwyn says that the video is from before she knew she was supposed to be quarantining, I’m sorry but I don’t believe her. They start talking about Shannon which upsets Braunwyn who says she doesn’t think it’s fair to talk about someone when they’re not there. What a hypocrite! She literally was just calling people the other day to talk about Elizabeth. 

Gina asks Braunwyn the hard hitting question about her marriage since she’s been sober. Braunwyn says that it’s been hard but they have agreed to put everything into their marriage and work on it. 

The house that Elizabeth got the ladies for the weekend looks really nice. There’s a lake right there that they go paddle boarding and kayaking in and it looks so nice. 

Emily is at home with Shane and the kids and he is not doing well at all. Apparently he’s not doing well at all and is having a hard time breathing. She ends up taking him to the hospital and he gets put on an IV and meds. 

The women start talking about Rick and him being on Fox news and being considered “conservative” when he really isn’t. They get into a heated debate about tearing down statues and BLM. Kelley supports history having a place while Braunwyn is arguing for the statues to be torn down if there is a population in the US that is offended by them. They also discuss how they have learned about white privilege this year and how it’s opened their eyes. 

This wasn’t the best OC episode, not much actually happened but I’m excited to see Elizabeth confront Braunwyn about her digging info up about her next week. 


Real Housewives of Orange County TV Show Recaps

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