The Real Housewives of Potomac Recap

Season 5 | Reunion Part 2

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’m so ready for reunion part 2!! We come back in the thick of silence after Monique just dropped the bomb that Jamal has a girlfriend and has been playing Gizelle this whole time or that they have a fake relationship. The look on Gizelle’s face is priceless, but also extremely sad, I really don’t think she had any idea any of this was coming. She claims that Jamal and her are fine, it’s just so hard to believe. 

We’re moving on to Ashley who comes out and says she’s been lenient on Michael in the past with his indiscretions because she has not always been a perfect wife to him either. She says that when they were separated she was involved with someone else and had to ask his forgiveness too. She still believes that Michael did not sleep with the woman in the hotel room but acknowledges that she’s a little concerned it could happen again but has to go on good faith. 

Now we’re talking about Karen, a little nervous to go over her marriage woes. She tries to joke off about asking for her money back from Ray when she covered his tax issues, I just find it weird that they’re married and feels like he owes her money back. They all acknowledge how much more open Karen has been this season and she gives credit to losing her parents and her growing and evolving.

Monique is now the topic of conversation. They discuss the rumors about her and her trainer supposedly having an affair and that her son was actually his, which Andy points out was brought into the show by Gizelle. Monique explains that these rumors came from an old friend that she used to film with, Gigi. Apparently Gigi was desperate to be on the show and was starting all kinds of rumors and trying to reach out to all of the women and Charisse took the bait. Gizelle gets blamed for bringing it up in her confessional but even Andy points out that she never spoke about it to the other women on camera. Monique is rightfully so sensitive about this rumor because it involves her child and marriage. 

It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for. We’re finally talking about Candiace and Monique’s relationship and the fight that ensued. We get the background of how Candiace seemingly seeked out a friendship with Charisse who was responsible for spearheading the rumors about Monique’s “affair” and how hurt Monique was by this. This was the premise behind all of that bad feelings that Monique had brewing inside her about Candiace. Monique says that the point where Candiace put her hand by Monique’s chin is when she lost it and the fight became physical. She also talks about how Candiace threw a wine glass in her face and was holding glass so Monique felt threatened, the women aren’t having it and continue to disagree with Monique. 

Andy starts to talk to Candiace about the fight who is super emotional about it. Candiace explains that she cannot understand how Monique put the blame for this on Candiace when she did not start the physical contact of this fight, she thinks Monique perpetuated these lies and skewed the narrative to paint her in a bad light. I definitely don’t condone violence but does Candiace not realize how big of a hypocrite she is being? She single handedly made post after post regarding Ashley and her marriage, put all kinds of hurtful and mean things out in the world about them but now she is expecting to be given grace when it comes to her own life? I’m sorry but she doesn’t deserve it, what goes around comes around. I am strictly speaking about the social media aspect of this and the so called lies being told. 

Next episode we’ll get to see the husbands and it sounds like they’re going to get into arguments of their own. Can’t wait for part 3! 


Real Housewives of Potomac TV Show Recaps

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