The Bachelorette

Season 16 | Episode 12

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Two night season finale here we come! I honestly don’t know who she is going to choose, my top two are Ivan and Brendan though, they’re such sweethearts! So naturally I bet she’ll pick Zach. Jojo shows back up to help Tayshia through her thoughts and what to expect with fantasy suites. 

Ivan has the first date! Tayshia has planned for them to do ice baths and try to break the record for longest, coldest kiss. Ivan seems terrified and I don’t blame him. They’re sitting in their ice baths and have to stay kissing without breaking apart for over five minutes, they’re trying to hold in their laughter. You can tell as the time goes on they get more comfortable and are in sync. They end up breaking the record and setting it over a minute higher than it was, that’s pretty cool. 

Tayshia and Ivan are having dinner now and just something about the way she talks to him gives me a friend vibe, not a romantic vibe. I hope I’m wrong, he’s the sweetest guy and tells her he’s falling in love with her and she says that she’s also falling for him, notice that she doesn’t say falling in love with him though. Maybe I’m over analyzing it. Of course she ends up offering him the fantasy suite which is this cool retro trailer. Apparently they stayed up all night and even watched the sunrise. 

It’s Zach’s turn for his date now. They’re painting with their bodies on this huge canvas on the ground and it seems so fun. Tayshia says that she’s a little concerned she’s getting caught up in the moment because she basically finds him so attractive. They seem like they have so much fun together and a lot of sexual tension. The energy is just different with this relationship than her and Ivan’s. Zach ends up telling Tayshia that he’s in love with her and she gets emotional AND SAYS IT BACK TO HIM! She even says that she’s known that she loves him. I did not see this coming. So of course she invites him to the fantasy suite and they get an actual room, not fair to Ivan if you ask me. I think this is it for her, I think she’s choosing Zach. She is just so happy and on a different level when she’s with him. 

It’s finally Brendan’s turn for his date! You can tell he’s trying to act strong but it’s really getting to him knowing that she’s just spent the night with both of the other guys. For this date they’re hanging out with Neil Lane the infamous engagement ring creator for the bachelor. I do think this is a weird date and not necessarily that fun, kind of confused why Tayshia chose to do this. Brendan is pretty quiet during this whole ring try on situation and he says in his interview that this is all pretty scary for him, I don’t blame him and I respect his honesty of being scared. Thankfully the ring portion of the date is over and they’re having dinner now. Tayshia starts the heavy conversation about engagement and Brendan very honestly says that he’s realized that there’s still parts of him that are broken and need time to heal. I did not see this breakup coming and it makes me think that Tayshia is into Brendan more than Brendan is into Tayshia, or maybe he’s just panicking because it’s the end of the journey. Tayshia says that she thought it was going to be Brendan at the end of this and woke up thinking that every day. Now I’m confused, is she not going to end up engaged anymore? He is just such a nice, great guy, I’m so sad for her. I will say that in Brendan’s interviews he never questions his decision though, never once makes a comment about possibly making a mistake, that’s telling. 

Rachel Lindsay shows up to give Tayshia advice. Tayshia even brings Ben back up and how he had trouble showing emotion which makes me think that Ben is going to try and make a comeback. I called it, Ben is back! He shows up to Chris’s room and basically says that he needs to talk to her and that he shut down in the moment and wishes he hadn’t. 

Now it’s the night rose ceremony with only Ivan and Zach left, and Ben waiting in the shadows I’m guessing. Before the rose ceremony Ben shows up to Tayshia’s room and asks to talk to her. She seems really caught off guard and doesn’t know how to handle the situation. He tells her he’s in love with her and that he should have told her in the moment but that he was terrified. She rightfully gets really upset and doesn’t know what to say and goes to take a minute. 

Based on the preview for tonight’s episode, Ben gets to stay and hang out with her for a little but we’ll have to tune in to find out! Until then!


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