The Bachelorette Recap

Season 16 | Episode 13

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

It’s season finale time!! I feel like this season went by SO fast, must’ve been all the changes happening. We pick right back up with Tayshia trying to figure out what to do with Ben who just showed up and told her he loved her. Ben continues to say that he was too terrified to tell her at the time that he was in love with her. This is just not enough in my opinion for her to keep him around. She invites him to the rose ceremony which is so nice of her, I still don’t see him getting a rose tonight but we’ll see! 

We’re at the rose ceremony, there are two roses with three guys now that Ben has showed back up. Tayshia gives a little intro at the rose ceremony and then asks to talk to Ivan alone. Oh man, what is happening!!!! She tells him that they’re have been some concerns that have come to the surface now and we get a glimpse that it’s about religion. This makes me think that he does not believe in God or just has different beliefs than her. I feel bad for him, he didn’t do anything wrong, it’s hard when it comes to personal beliefs and a logical reason, not emotional connection. Dang, now I really think Zach is going to be the one for her. 

Tayshia’s family is here now and she’s giving them a little rundown of what’s been going on. Ben is going first you can tell he’s nervous but I think he’s coming off really well and they relate to him and his military background. They seem like they all get along really well and I think Ben made a great first impression. He might actually have a shot at this. 

Now it’s Zach’s turn to meet her family. Right away I notice that she’s wearing all white, is that a sign that she’s sending to him? Zach is such a charmer and I think that him talking to her father about his past marriage will actually help his case since he’s been through the pain of a divorce before. He goes on to tell her dad about the expectations that he has set for Tayshia and how he will strive to meet those and only propose if he knows it’s the right thing for them. I do think that Zach will end up being with Tayshia at the end of this, calling it now. 

It’s the next day and her dad surprises her by showing up to her room. He goes on to tell her that he doesn’t want Tayshia to make a mistake and he’s worried he’s going to see her hurt again. I’m not sure what he’s trying to tell her because he just says he doesn’t want her to make the biggest mistake of her life, but he’s not clarifying what he means by that or if he favors one guy over the other. 

It’s Tayshia and Zach’s last date. He’s really good about asking her if he can reassure her in any way and I love how confident he is. For their date they’re taking dancing lessons. Tayshia is definitely stressed and all in her head and it’s coming out while they’re learning that dance.  Now it’s the evening portion and Tayshia is trying to explain her concerns and Zach sweetly addresses them and reassures her. They’re really cute together, I think this is it. 

Now it’s the next day before her and Ben’s date and she blatantly says that she knows in her heart she does not want Ben. She goes to his room before their date to break up with him and he actually handles it really well and we actually see him shed a couple of tears in his interview. I feel so bad for this guy, he really is so sweet and deserves to find a good woman.

It’s the morning of the proposal!!! Not sure if I’m in love with Tayshia’s dress, just had to say it but she’s gorgeous as always. She arrives at the proposal spot and is very emotional talking to Chris and says she questions whether she’s ever been in true love before now because she loves Zach so much, that’s so sweet. Now Zach shows up and is beaming he’s so excited. His little speech to her is so incredibly sweet and genuine and he starts going over the reasons why he loves her and it’s one of the best proposals I’ve seen on the bachelor, I have to admit. As Tayshia is talking Zach gets emotional and you can tell how much he truly cares. These are more like wedding vows than a proposal I swear! Making me all emotional over here. Definitely the best and sweetest proposal I’ve seen on the bachelor, at least that I can remember. 

Can’t wait to see how they’re still doing and hear about their relationship. We get a little preview of Matt James’ season and I am soooo excited for it to premiere! I always say I’m done with the bachelor but I just keep getting sucked in!


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