Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Recap

Season 1 | Episode 7

Rating: 4 out of 5.

We’re back in SLC and it’s the week of Sundance. The ladies are arriving to Brooks fashion show where Whitney and Meredith are walking. They both look beautiful walking and it goes without a hitch. Now it’s Brooks’ turn to display his line and it’s literally the same tracksuit on five different people, does he only have one outfit? I think so. Brooks facetimes his dad after the show and is really upset that he wasn’t there and it’s just a very awkward conversation. 

Whitney is getting a facial at Heather’s beauty spa and now I really want a facial. Anyways, they start talking about how the church casts a dark cloud on them since they’re divorced and are women. Heather is really conflicted on how she should move forward and how it will effect her kids since she’s worried she already screwed them up and doesn’t want to make it worse. I can’t imagine the pressure this church puts on them regarding their personal lives. 

We’re with Jen who is getting ready for the day and has her fourth assistant come bring her breakfast and her medicine. She tells us about how after she lost her parents she went into a deep depression and ultimately had to get on medicine to cope with her anxiety and depression. She also tells us that at first when she was lashing out at people her husband’s way of coping was to tell her to pray and be more patient but it wasn’t working for her. After a while of trying to pray it away, her husband got fed up with her behavior and had a little family intervention with her and encouraged her to get on the medicine. I’m glad that she’s sharing this, it makes her more relatable and gives us a good insight into her supportive family life. 

Lisa is at home with her kids and they’re going over their goals that they’ve written on postboards and presenting to their family. I’ve never heard of a family doing this, it’s kind of weird but I guess it’s good practice for them. Their kids are super cute though and I like their family dynamic, her husband might need more attention though. 

Heather, Jen and Meredith are out to dinner catching up. Meredith says she’s not dating or sleeping with anyone else right now even though she’s been separated for a while. She’s still being very tight lipped regarding her separation and won’t give them the details. Heather and Jen are both being very nice and not pressuring her to say more even though they both know Meredith is not sharing everything. I don’t like private housewives, tell us everything!!!

Whitney is hanging out with her dad and her kids at a trampoline park. Her dad seems to be doing really well and Whitney is really happy to see him having a good time with her kids. He breaks to her that his therapist thinks he’s ready to leave the sober living facility and get his own apartment, however he’s only been there 21 days and it’s supposed to be a 90 day program. She’s open about her concerns with him, I really hope he ends up staying at the sober living facility but we don’t really get an answer on what he’s going to do. 

We’re with Heather and her kids now and I love seeing them together. She sits her kids down to have a serious conversation about the divorce and current situation of her feeling like a failure. She basically tells them that she wants to date and drink and go out, and her daughters are really receptive and sweet and tell her that they support her and they know what she had to go through. Her daughters are seriously the best, you can tell she’s a really great mom and has raised really great daughters. Heather feels great after the conversation and feels like she can finally have an honest relationship with them, makes me really happy for her. 

Jen goes over to Whitney’s house and they’re trying to mess around with the stripper pole. Whitney says she’s had a stripper pole in every house she’s ever lived in and I’m just wondering how her ex husband was okay with that? They bring up Meredith and Seth’s relationship and Jen says that she thinks if they’re not having sex at home they’re going to get it somewhere else. Jen is insinuating that she knows Meredith is dating someone else but can’t openly come out and say that because it’s not her business. Then, in Jen’s interview she reveals that at Meredith’s trunk show there was another guy there that said Meredith was the love of his life and that he was going to make sure Meredith got upstairs okay. It doesn’t sound like Meredith has confirmed this to Jen, but Jen really thinks there’s something more going on there. If this is true, it would really make sense why Meredith has seemed so disconnected from her marriage and why it seems like Seth is more emotional about it. 

Can’t wait to see what we learn about Meredith’s marriage next week! 



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