The Real Housewives of Potomac Recap

Season 5 | Reunion Part 3

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Alright last part of the reunion and we’re getting into the elephant in the room, Monique and Candiace’s fight. Andy is even getting into it by calling out Monique for being unemotional and calling her out for putting her hands on Candiace. 

Monique says that she countersued Candiace because that’s what her lawyer told her to do and she would obviously take that advice. Ashley also says that the decision to write a statement on Monique’s behalf was an easy decision for her to make and she doesn’t regret it given what was at stake for Monique. Andy brings up the fact that Candiace told Ashley that Monique and her family were talking smack about them, but Ashley says Monique has been there for her and hasn’t spilled her dirty laundry during their tough times. 

Finally, Monique does finally apologize to Candiace and explains how her hand in her face triggered her childhood memories of her father putting his finger in her face as a threat to keep her in line. Candiace says that she can understand the childhood trauma but it’s been over a year and she is barely hearing an apology now and just doesn’t believe it given all of the other things that have happened. Candiace brings up the song that Monique wrote regarding the situation called “Drag Queens” and goes over some of the lyrics and how in no way does this show remorse for what she did. Candiace goes on to talk about how she can acknowledge that her words did probably provoke Monique but if you look at the instances leading up to the winery she always walked away, and how her words should never have provoked her to get to a place of physical violence. Candiace is totally right in this situation, her words should never have taken Monique to that place. Monique continues to agree and say that she was in the wrong but something about the way she’s saying it does not come off genuine or remorseful. 

Now we’re taking a look at Karen and Candiace’s friendship and how she’s been playing both sides. Karen finally comes clean and says that she did in fact invite Monique to her wig launch party to come before everyone else got there, and that she never planned to have Candiace and Monique in the same room because Monique would have been gone before Candiace got there. Candiace continues to believe that there was some ulterior motive and that Karen did want to get them in the same room together. Candiace then brings up something I didn’t know about before, apparently Candiace told Karen to go to hell and then Karen called Bravo and told them she felt threatened. Karen reacts by saying that she didn’t say she felt threatened; she simply wanted to remind them about something in her contract regarding psychological issues. Candiace isn’t buying that for a second and they get into a heated yelling match. 

The husbands are coming out to play now! Andy is trying to make light conversation with everyone and Chris Samuels is not having it and is clearly already heated ready to have these conversations. Apparently Gizelle decided to have a bodyguard with her because of something Chris Samuels said on Instagram, too bad Jamal couldn’t have been there. Chris Samuels gets angry and starts saying how if you come after my child I am going to get angry and need to defend myself, I understand his frustration since it’s about his innocent baby. Candiace’s husband says that one of the bloggers on the Samuel’s payroll came after their kids and they didn’t have a problem with that, to which the Samuel’s respond that they have nothing to do with that blogger and can’t control what they say. Chris Samuel’s addresses all of the ladies asking if they brought up the rumors of his son not being his, he finally gets to Gizelle who says “dont f****** talk to me” since we all know she is the one who told the rumors on camera. Then, Gizelle goes on to explain how when she was at the Samuel’s house, he in fact brought up the fact that his son looked like him. So, this made Gizelle think that they were talking about the rumors and that she could then address them in her own interview. I mean, I actually understand where Gizelle is coming from here. 

Finally we’re switching subjects and talking about Juan and Robyn. Robyn says that they are now building a house and her hat line is doing really well and is specifically designed for Black girls because they’re lined with satin. Andy asks Chris Samuels if he thought Juan was actually going to respond and Chris once again brings up his disdain for the ladies talking about his son, he just can’t let it go. They start talking about Michael and how he’s come for some of the ladies of the years to which Ashley responds that the ladies have actually spread many rumors about him and he’s only tried to defend himself. At the end both of the Chris’s agree that they’re good and they hope their wives become friends again but if not they’ll still be on good terms and know they handled it well. Ray then says that he needs to know the date of Robyn’s wedding so that it doesn’t conflict with him and Karen renewing their vows on their 25th anniversary, Karen gets emotional as she didn’t expect him to say that given how hard their year has been. 

All the ladies give a little insight into how they’re feeling and the hopes they have for the future. I’m really sad this season is over, so much happened and I don’t want it to end. Monique also announced that she will not be returning next season, can’t say I’m surprised but I am actually sad about it, I love her! Until next season 😦


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