The Bachelor Recap

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Season 25 | Episode 1

The Bachelor is BACK y’all, and man I think we are in for a treat this season. I know it feels like The Bachelorette just ended (uhhh because it did), and at first I thought The Bachelor starting so soon would be a bit much for me, but these damn ABC producers know how to hook me in every. single. time.

Chris Harrison first hits us and instantly I notice a nice change of scenery from the typical LA bachelor mansion. The Nemacolin Woodlands Resort looks stunning, and since LA is basically just Covid City USA, I’m sure Matt, the women and the production crew enjoyed their time in Pennsylvania.

Chris Harrison lets us know that there was a record-breaking number of applicants to date our new bachelor Matt James, which comes a shock to no one. The 28 year old NYC real estate broker works with homeless kids in his spare time, not to mention insanely tall and handsome. So… Matt James is perfect?

The topic of him being biracial instantly comes up with his mother being white and father being Black. Matt admits he feels an incredible amount of pressure by being the first Black bachelor and doesn’t want to piss off any race depending on who he picks and ends up with at the end. I hate that he feels pressure like this in any way – pick who’s best for you, dude!

Bri is the first to step out of the limo with a eye-catching green dress. She is stunning, and the rest of the girls are gorgeous too. A few limo entrances that stood out to me – Alana’s lady and the tramp spaghetti move gives her the first kiss title. Kalli obviously stood out coming out in black lingerie, which Matt clearly loved. I mean honestly, you go girl. If I looked like that I’d strut out in sexy lingerie, too.

MJ attempted to be cute and get out of the car with a pizza but when she accidentally locked herself out of the car turned out to be super funny and I can tell Matt liked that everything wasn’t so perfect. My personal favorite entrance of the night though goes to Katie. This chick comes out saying she has something from home that’s near and dear to her heart and really helped her through quarantine. Then brings out her VIBRATOR. I was laughing out loud on my couch when she busted that thing out, and Matt couldn’t control himself laughing, either.

The next girl Victoria I’m only going to mention very briefly because I know she only wants attention and I don’t want to give her anymore than what she’s wanting. The fact that “Queen” is her occupation is ridiculous on every level, and she has to know she was only casted so producers can make her the villain. Girl you are not a queen and you are not going to end up with Matt in the end.

Cocktail party time! But before Matt gets the night started HE LEADS THE WOMEN IN A PRAYER AND NOW I AM FULLY OBSESSED WITH HIM. He seems to have pretty meaningful conversations with a lot of the women, but then Matt wins me over (and I’m pretty sure the rest of America) with his interaction with Abigail. Abigail is legally deaf and hearing him ask sincere questions about it is really awesome to see. To top things off, he kisses her then gives her the famous First Impression Rose. I love this so much.

Rose ceremony time. Not shocking at all, the last rose goes to Victoria thanks to producers, which means 3 women go home, one of them being the professional ballerina.

I’m soooo ready for the rest of this season, lets goooo!!!


the bachelor

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