The Real Housewives of Dallas Recap

Season 5 | Episode 1

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Dallas is back!! So excited to meet our new girl this season. We actually start with them all on zoom talking about quarantine. Ugh I hate the covid vibes but then Stephanie invites them all to her house this weekend so things are sounding normal. 

We’re with Kameron’s family first and it’s cute seeing her make sandwiches for her kids. She does say that they got a new puppy, Fanci, during quarantine because her other dog Louis passed away. Shocking to hear that she was away while Louis passed away and it might have been because her husband forgot to give the dog it’s meds. She also says she blamed her husband for the dog passing and she’s even been in therapy because of it. Honestly I would be very mad too if I were in her situation. They’re trying to train the new dog and it even gets an accountability calendar. We’ll see how that goes but the dog is super cute. 

Finally back with our girl Stephanie! She’s been keeping her kids busy doing all kinds of experiments and games. She takes her kids over to Brandi’s house and they’re having a fun slip n slide day. So funny watching them attempt the slip n slide together and falling over and over again. 

Back to D’andra and her mom. Her mom actually gives her credit for working hard on the company and she says it was doing really well before covid hit. And then we meet Tiffany! She goes over to D’andra’s who apparently met her through her mother. I guess they’re so close that D’andra calls Tiffany her mom’s favorite daughter. D’andra brings up the Brandi racist video to Tiffany who seems pretty hesitant about it. But D’andra continues to say that Brandi is not that person and she is not racist and once Tiffany meets her she will see for herself. 

Stephanie and Brandi are talking about the video that she posted like three years ago about her squinty eyes, which she says in a voice that insights a racist undertone. Brandi is still really upset about the video and the reaction people gave her, she says she’s ashamed and was even suicidal. Dang, we’re already getting deep in episode one. 

Kameron’s having a garage sale…. I find it a little weird. Everyone is going through a hard time in covid, she could just donate these things, I don’t think she needs the money she’s talking about buying a $7.5 million dollar home. Kary shows up to the garage sale, I actually forgot about her for a second. Tiffany and D’andra pull up in Tiffany’s car which Bravo puts the price of as $215,000, this reminds me of old school housewives where they put price tags of everything out there, I miss that! 

We’re meeting Tiffany’s family and they are seriously so cute. She says she met her husband when she was 23 in the club, how normal I love it. They have two daughters that are so adorable. She’s very education focused and ambitious and you can already tell is instilling those values into her daughters. 

Stephanie is having people over for a party, everyone’s wearing bathing suits and cover ups and it seems very fun and laid back. There’s another girl, Jen who’s there that it seems like was supposed to be a full time housewife because we’ve seen her twice now but she’s definitely not. Kameron says that she made like $24,000 at her garage sale, wtf. I hope she’s donating that money. They’re sitting down and start talking about vaginas and Brandi and Jen say theirs are both gobblers and it’s just very bizarre but good for them I guess. Then they go around the table saying the positives and negatives from quarantine. Brandi obviously says that her negative thing is the video she posted. 

Later at the party Tiffany and Brandi have a conversation where Tiffany tells her that she was wrong to do that video and that she hurt a lot of people with it. Then she starts to tell Brandi her story of how she immigrated when she was six years old and didn’t know any English and how she was made fun of at school. They both start to get emotional and then Bravo pulls a “To be continued” on us. Ugh, I don’t want to wait to see how this conversation ends!!!!

Until next week with our favorite Dallas gals! 


Real Housewives of Dallas TV Show Recaps

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