Real Housewives of Orange County Recap

Season 15 | Episode 13

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Braunwyn is officially six months sober! Elizabeth has signed her divorce papers! A lot of happy news right out of the gate. 

Shannon is getting Sophie ready to go to college and of course she’s so overbearing and ridiculous with her control. Sophie is such a good sport about it though, such a nice kid. Shannon makes this confusing speech about how her kids need to learn how to do things herself, while she’s controlling everything she does and wants to order. 

Braunwyn and Sean are having a talk and she says that after 25 years of marriage she doesn’t know anything about him because he doesn’t share his feelings. Regardless if he shares his feelings or not, if I were him I would be hurt by that statement. Apparently when they were at the Montage they made a lot of promises to each other about how they’re going to work on their marriage and make more time for each other but she says it hasn’t happened. Sean disagrees with what she says and that he thought they were going to go into those things slowly and then he thought that she didn’t want to see him at all anymore. Of course Braunwyn denies that and says that when he comes home he’s just on his phone and not doing anything for her. Poor Sean, he says that he’ll work on it and be better about scheduling things for them. The guy just always caves to what she says, I really want him to stand up for himself and tell her that she’s just not very nice to him. 

Elizabeth is hanging out with her brother and she shares with him that she talked about her abuse to the ladies. He says that when he was four he was almost beaten to death because he had dyslexia and was apparently possessed by the devil. They also say they watched the aunt die from an allergic reaction because she must not have been worthy to God otherwise He would have saved her. She then says she made an appointment with a therapist, good for her it’s much needed. 

Emily is over at Gina’s telling her all the drama and weirdness that went down in Lake Arrowhead. She expresses concern about Shannon and John’s relationship and that they have been fighting too much. Braunwyn also shared she thinks Shannon and John are both drinking too much and even gossiped to Emily that John got so drunk at a golf tournament that his father had to go pick him up, yet Braunwyn didn’t want to gossip in Lake Arrowhead. Such a hypocrite!

Kelly is hanging out with her daughter on the beach. She’s a total teenager complaining about hanging out with her mom and saying she’s too strict. Jolene does say that Rick has made her life more normal and it’s not a trainwreck anymore. She also says Rick makes her happy and he mediates between her and her mom, honestly so sweet and this relationship better last just for Jolene’s sake. 

Shannon and John have apparently been apart for three weeks. As soon as she goes over to his place he asks her if she wants to drink, not a good look given the conversations that were happening earlier in the episode. She does apologize to him for being a wreck and mean to him during quarantine and he takes it well and reassures her that everything is okay between them. 

Gina is talking to her boyfriend, Travis, about Elizabeth’s cult past and he doesn’t believe it. Apparently Matt is also still fighting the domestic violence charges against him. Gina believes that he’s fighting it because he doesn’t want to admit what happened and what he did. I need the full details of what went down!!

Emily goes over to Elizabeth’s and they’re talking about Braunwyn and how Elizabeth spilled her childhood trauma. She goes into more detail about how she was sexually abused as a child and explains why she is weird, which I don’t really think she’s that weird they’re just making her feel like that. Elizabeth does say that Braunwyn blames all of her issues on something else and that she’s a total hypocrite, I mean….. I agree. Emily says that Braunwyn has to bring attention to all the things going on in other people’s lives to deflect what is actually going on in hers, she hit the nail on the head. Praise the lord, Elizabeth’s divorce is finalized and Jimmy is getting it! Hope it was worth the wait. 

Braunwyn is at home with Shari and I’m already feeling weird with how flirty she is with her. She says that it’s easier for her to talk to Shari then it is to Sean, feel so bad for him. I don’t know why she thinks it’s okay to bash her husband and expect him to still be around, I guess because he always has been. 

Shannon is having Kelly over, I thought they didn’t get along very well but okay. Shannon’s check for $1.4 million from her divorce is just sitting out there in the open for Kelly to see. Kelly tells Shannon that in Lake Arrowhead they spoke about Shannon and John’s relationship and that Gina expressed concern for it. Shannon does say that one time when her and John got in a fight she spoke to Gina that night. Then Kelly drops the bomb that there’s rumors that Braunwyn and Sean may be getting a divorce and that Shari has moved in and that they’re possibly hiding their lesbian relationship. She also used the word hypocrisy to describe Braunwyn, I’m glad that we’re all on the same page. 

It looks like in the next episode they’re going to put Braunwyn on the spot and ask about her relationship status, I cannot wait to see that!!


Real Housewives of Orange County TV Show Recaps

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