Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Recap

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Season 1 | Episode 9

This episode Jen is throwing a surprise party for her hubby – which is a hip-hop and golf theme? This should be interesting. Jen wants to “receive more love” from him, so this is her attempt to give him that love first. We’ll see if that works out for her!

We finally see Heather’s ex-husband Billy on camera! He’s not really what I expected, just your average, generic tall/skinny white dude. The more we hear about their marriage, the more crazy and volatile it seemed to have been. She shockingly reveals that Billy moved out initially because Heather didn’t want to change the date of her of her baptism to accommodate his sister!? Excuse me, what? Heather, you do not deserve any of this nonsense!

Next Whitney goes over to Mary’s house, which we learn Mary makes everyone who enters her house put on slip-on booties which comes to no surprise to me. Mary gets right to the point with Whitney and expresses how she feels the other women haven’t really been solid friends to her because they’re all scared of Jen. Although Whitney doesn’t like being put in the middle of Jen and Mary’s drama, Whitney feels terrible for being a “bad” friend to Mary. So far I really like Whitney, she seems to be one of the most sincere of the SLC bunch.

Meredith’s son Brooks, per usual, steals the show once again between his parents, saying their lovey doveyness is “genuinely revolting”. Man, I love this kid. I’m happy to see Meredith and Seth reconciling, and I have to say, I already stan Meredith Marks.

I need to go on a rant here for a sec about Whitney’s in-laws. She reveals that her in-laws STILL have Justin and his ex-wife’s wedding photo hanging in their home EVEN THOUGH JUSTIN HAS BEEN MARRIED TO WHITNEY FOR OVER A DECADE. Oh helllll no. This would not fly with me in any way, shape or form. To keep it going, it took them 7 years to hang up Whitney and Justin’s wedding photo and, that’s not all! They now have a picture of Justin’s ex-wife and her new husband hanging in their house as well! This is the definition of insanity!!

More family time for Lisa is next, and we see her, her husband and their two sons at the local aquarium. They get to privately feed the penguins, which I’m a little jealous of TBH. I guess she’s helping her two boys supposedly start a hair care line, which will see if it actually pans out for them.

The big hip-hop/golf surprise party for Coach Shaw is now upon us. Jen’s husband genuinely seems really sweet and appears to me really happy about his surprise party. Whitney gets a little too into the hip-hop theme and attempts to twerk on the floor, which is a cringy but humorous overall.

After a lot of liquid courage, Whitney attempts to tell Jen that Meredith and Lisa are supposedly talking behind Jen’s back, as she heard per Mary. Whitney is clearly drunk and is fumbling over her words, and honestly I don’t think Meredith and Lisa have said anything bad about Jen? This of course causes Jen to freak out and cause a scene, but Lisa and Meredith put this to bed real quick.

Whitney is stirring the pot yet again, telling Meredith that Jen has been spreading rumors about her and Seth’s marriage. Yikes. Although I can understand why Jen is mad, but to throw a drink, yell and storm out of your husband’s birthday party early and completely cause an unnecessary scene? Uncalled for, but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to earn that contract for season 2.

Next week looks intense and I don’t think Whitney will be out of the center of the drama any time soon.

See ya then!


Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

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