Real Housewives Of Dallas Recap

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Season 5 | Episode 2

Week two of Dallas and things are getting intense! We pick up right where we left off at Stephanie’s pool party. Tiffany gets really vulnerable and shares with Brandi how she’s experienced racism and bullying as a child after she moved to the U.S. just because she’s Asian (wtf is wrong with people man). Tiffany and Brandi have a heartfelt conversation and I’m glad Tiffany is being open and sharing her story with all of us. The two women seem to be on good terms, and I think this is a great example how people can make bad mistakes and be forgiven without immediately being cancelled.

Kam and Court are putting their house for sale (again) and a little argument strikes when Court tells Kam he won’t give her any details on the status of the sale until the house is sold. Kam (rightfully so), wants to be included and have a voice on the whole thing which, duh, she should! It’s funny how I used to really not like Kam but now I just find her funny and a great addition to the RHOD crew.

D’andra is now seeing a Shaman in order for her to be softer and not as reactive. We hear more about her crazy battle over the two wills that her dad left after he committed suicide; one for her and one for her stepmom. It sounds like it was a nasty court battle leading to losing relationships with her stepmom and brother in the process. I’ll be interested to see if D can rekindle her family relationships that she’s lost, I can imagine that would eat away at anyone with a soul.

Next we see more of Tiffany’s house and ohhhh my gosh it’s AMAZING. Her underground wine cellar I think is bigger than my entire house but my personal favorite is her closet. That is closet goals, man. Tiffany showing off all her stuff rubs Stephanie the wrong way, which I can understand but as a viewer this is the stuff I want to see. I just want to see how rich these people are! Tiffany wants to expose the other woman to her Chinese cultural a bit more, meaning its time for some Dim Sum.

I’m actually a little surprised to see Kary and Eduardo still married, as they seemed very on the rocks last season. Kary’s daughter gets emotional about all the social issues occurring in our country and what a big difference she sees in terms of how people act in LA versus how they do in Dallas. Kary advises her that she can only control herself and for her to be the best person she can be. Again, it’s refreshing to see Bravo actually airing real conversations that we all had in 2020.

All the ladies are now dressed up for Dim Sum minus Brandi as she had a vacation planned in Florida with her family (no comment as to why she’s planning a vacation during the pandemic but I’ll save that for another time). This meal looks amazing (minus the chicken feet), and now I’m hungry. Kary is annoyingly pestering D’andra about getting a Covid test, which is just dumb. If she felt sick, what’s the problem of getting tested? I feel like Kary is one of the people that thinks Covid is a hoax and she’s just rubbing me the wrong way. The women are not having eating feet with the exception of D’andra who appreciates the fact that chicken feet have collagen that’s great for your skin. Tiffany teaches the girls “cheers” in Chinese, followed by a shot of a Chinese liquor. Tiffany is definitely bringing a breath of fresh air to the show and already becoming a favorite in my eyes.

See y’all next week!


Real Housewives of Dallas

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