The Bachelor Recap

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Season 25 | Episode 3

Since we were cut off last week at the rose ceremony, we immediately start this week off with Sarah’s panic attack/fainting whatever it was. But Matt being the gentleman that he is, goes outside to help her get some fresh air and the other girls are not having it.

After some comforting words on Matt’s end, they both go inside and the rose ceremony continues. Sarah seems totally time after her fainting incident, which leads me to the question – did she faint for attention (even though she already has a rose?) I guess we’ll never know. It’s also really annoying how these producers hyped that fall up so much last week and it really ended up being nothing. I should know better at this point.

As a surprise to no one, Victoria stays and it’s really sad that producers needs drama in place of girls who actually want to get to know Matt because there’s no way in hell Matt would ever consider her in real life or Bachelor life. Sadly Marilynn goes home because of Victoria’s lies which makes me mad that Victoria “won”.

Chris Harrison then informs the ladies that there will be three dates this week; two group dates and one “incredibly romantic” one-on-one date.

The first group date is up with 9 girls, to which even Matt doesn’t know what this date is going to consist of. They walk into a theater to Bachelor/Bachelor in Paradise alum Ashley I. reading a passage out loud from a erotica novel. Awkward. But PLOT TWIST! The passage Ashley is reading is actually from a erotica novel that Chris Harrison himself wrote! What!! Did anyone have any clue that Chris Harrison was into this genre? Oh man. Each of the women have to write their own erotica story pertaining to them and Matt now, which makes me cringe just thinking about it.

The other women who weren’t invited to the group date are now in the audience, so now the group date women aren’t just reading their stories out loud to Matt, but to the rest of the house as well (and to millions of people across America. No pressure!) Each girls story is pretty funny, and although I particularly don’t like Victoria, hers makes me laugh out loud.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Sarah is quickly starting to lose her sh*t. After her one-on-one last week, it’s hard for her to see Matt with other women. Wait! You mean on The Bachelor, he dates multiple people at once?! Get out of here! Sorry Sarah, you went on the wrong reality TV show then. I don’t feel bad for you.

But since she’s annoying, she goes and crashes the group date even though she’s arguably had the most time with Matt out of every single girl still there. Rightfully so, the other girls are pissed that Sarah interrupted their date so my girl Katie goes to try and get her time back. Side note, but I really love Katie. Sarah interrupting the group date is totally uncalled for and although she tries to apologize to the rest of the girls, it does not work. Sarah definitely has a target on her back now, which she has no one to blame but herself for.

The group rose date goes to Raechel, which leaves the women who didn’t get to talk to Matt at all on the group date now from annoyed to livid at Sarah for stealing that precious time with Matt from them. Watch out, girl!

Serena P. gets the “incredibly romantic” one-on-one date this week, but before they head out Matt goes to look for, wait for it… Sarah, because she’s M.I.A. Matt now is telling Sarah that if it takes him coming to her everyday to reassure her that he still wants her there, then that’s what he’ll do. I can’t with this girl. Obviously she’s loving the attention though, and the target on her back just got bigger and bigger with the other women.

Matt and Serena P.’s date consists of horseback riding, charcuterie boards and getting their kisses interrupted by donkeys and overall goes really well. She’s definitely a new front runner in my eyes, and I’m really liking her so far.

Matt admits to Serena that he’s never been in love before, to which she admits she’s only ever had one serious relationship in her life. Serena P. gets a rose of course and they end their date in true Bachelor fashion; making out in a hot tub.

Back at the house Sarah finally emerges out of her room to try to address the women, but it doesn’t work. At all. Despite Sarah being on the verge of tears the entire time, the other women tell her that her living situation with them moving forward is going to be hell and I gotta say, I’ve never seen one person be as ostracized in one season as Sarah is currently being.

Katie steps up and is the bigger person when she goes to check in on Sarah, and the two of them actually have a sweet moment together when Sarah opens up to Katie about her dad having ALS. This strikes a cord with Katie and through her tears reveals her dad passed away in 2012 and would do anything to have minutes back with him. Sarah ultimately decides to leave but wants to tell Matt in person of her decision. I completely get her reasoning for wanting to go home and be with her family and wanting to tell Matt herself, but claiming the other women are being malicious towards her rubs me the wrong way because she put herself in that position.

Despite Matt telling Sarah he doesn’t want to lose her, she sticks to her word and goes home. I’m really curious to see if she comes back mid-season or what, but I have a feeling this won’t be the last time we’ll be seeing Sarah in this dysfunctional Bachelor Universe world. In the meantime, I hope she’s getting the much needed time with her family that she wanted.

See y’all next week!


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