The Real Housewives of Dallas Recap

Season 5 | Episode 3

Rating: 4 out of 5.

We start this episode with Kameron and her dog working out.. Like the dog is legitimately on the treadmill walking next to her while she’s on the elliptical. I thought this was worth noting because I’m very impressed. Cameron is planning a birthday party for Kary who’s turning 50. 

Stephanie started a foundation that will give new lockers to schools in need. She’s talking to her husband about the foundation and the work that needs to be done and how the business is doing given the current state of the world. They say they’re still able to swing helping the foundation but he feels as though his business is taking the brunt of the work and he’s making the money just to give it away. Stephanie, being the gem that she is challenges him on that. They have plenty of money and they are perfectly fine giving some of it away. 

Tiffany goes to the grocery store with her kids to pick up food for her mom since she’s taking the social distance very seriously. The girls are being so cute and saying how much they want to hug their grandmother and don’t understand why they’re not allowed to. Tiffany also says that her mom is a much better grandparent to her kids than she was a mother to her, that’s pretty sad. 

In true Kameron style she has a party planner for Kary’s birthday. She keeps tooting her own horn saying she’s so good at throwing parties and I just don’t understand given she always hires party planners? Aren’t they the ones just following your orders and actually putting everything together? Kind of annoying but whatever. Kary is celebrating her milestone birthday by doing a sexy photoshoot, as she should, she looks amazing. 

It’s the day of Kary’s birthday party, Kameron is hosting it at her father in law’s house which is absolutely gorgeous. All of the decor is beautiful too, classic Kameron (or her party planner’s) party. 

All of the ladies are arriving at the party and look so cute in their white cover ups. Brandi is being silly as always and brought a tape measure so she can keep six feet apart from everyone. She brought her negative covid test results with her but she kept her face shield on all night, production must have made her. Kameron made a comment about something tasting like chicken feet and Tiffany tells her not to say that to which Kameron kind of goes off on her about force feeding the chicken foot to her the other night. I feel like this is a fight that only Kameron and Tiffany would have, it’s so dumb. Meanwhile BRandy and Kary go to take another shot and Brandy cannot figure out how to take a shot with the face shield, she keeps forgetting it’s there and trying to put the shot to her mouth but hitting the shield, it’s hilarious. 

Then the night gets kind of crazy, the ladies are all dancing around and drinking and it looks like so much fun. They’re very drunk (at least Kary) and Kary tries to keep the party going and she pushes Tiffany into the pool… but Tiffany doesn’t know how to swim. Thankfully it was pretty shallow and Tiffany doesn’t freak out but still, so unnecessary. Tiffany keeps saying over and over how she wants to be more fun but it has to be pretty hard with her day job. 

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Real Housewives of Dallas TV Show Recaps

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