Real Housewives of Orange County Recap

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Season 15 | Reunion Part 1

The OC season 15 reunion is here and I feel like this season has been a whole lot of nothing. All of the women look stunning and I feel like the reunion is going to be a better than the entire season was altogether.

Gina and Braunwyn’s relationship is the first topic of conversation, and of course, Gina’s 1600 sq ft condo. Who cares, y’all – living in OC is expensive! She’s a home owner, which is a lot more than the other women can say. Braunwyn eventually apologizes to Gina for making fun of her house, but Gina ain’t really having it.

Next up is Shannon’s drinking issues and the supposed rumors Braunwyn “heard” about Shannon’s boyfriend, John. Braunwyn thinks Shannon is an alcoholic, which is a nasty term to throw around when there isn’t a lot of proof to back it up.

An overview of all the things the women went through during quarantine is brutal, especially seeing Emily’s husband Shane get so sick with Covid. Andy, rightfully so, calls Kelly out for her stance on wearing masks and Covid in general. (AKA her posting on Instagram saying Covid is God’s way of “thinning the herd” and that masks don’t work at all. Gross). Kelly and Andy awkwardly go at it over her insensitive remarks on social media which leaves Kelly in tears. I will say, I love how Andy has no problem addressing any issue directly to the women’s faces, and the topic of Kelly’s comments was definitely something I wanted to hear about.

We learn that Emily literally thought Shane was going to die when he was in the hospital with Covid, which really breaks my heart – I can’t even imagine.

Finally all eyes are on newbie Elizabeth. Her divorce from billionaire ex-husband is officially finalized, but when her sex life with current boyfriend Jimmy gets brought up, Elizabeth immediately starts crying. She explains that the show has been hard on their relationship, and that Jimmy’s family did not appreciate their personal life being brought up so much on the show. That’s reality TV guys – sorry! Braunwyn (as Braunwyn she does), brings up the fact that she knows someone who is good friends with Elizabeth’s ex-husband and that he’s now engaged!? Geesh, Braunwyn. She really knows how to stir things up. Elizabeth snaps back at Braunwyn calling her a narcissist and two-faced which I can’t say I disagree with.

Of course, we’re back to Braunwyn and her alcoholism. There’s sooo much to unpack with this woman; she has 7 kids, a crazy mom, a husband that enables her and now she has a girlfriend? My head is spinning just thinking about this. Kelly actually goes as far as to call her a “fake alcoholic” which sends Braunwyn over the edge. Braunwyn says that she’s not a narcissists but just has a “big ego”. Ok, girl. Is it me or is anyone else just so over Braunwyn?

Then part 1 ends with Shannon dropping a bomb on everyone. She accuses Braunwyn of offering Shannon’s 14 year old daughter drugs!? Ohhh boy!

See ya next week!


Real Housewives of Orange County

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