The Bachelor Recap

Season 25 | Episode 4

Rating: 3 out of 5.

We’re coming off the week Sarah left and I am so ready to move forward and get away from that drama. There’s still plenty of ladies left and Victoria is still being her annoying self and being unnecessarily rude. While some of the ladies are on a group date, Victoria asks to talk to Katie about their earlier disagreement. Katie had told Victoria to stop talking about Sarah because she was no longer there and there’s no point. Of course Victoria didn’t take that well, but Katie is so much smarter than her, the conversation isn’t even fair. Katie just keeps calling Victoria on her bullshit and Victoria has nothing to say in return, it’s a beautiful thing. 

There’s a cocktail party and a rose ceremony and I swear there’s still some girls that I’ve never seen before, ha. He genuinely is such a nice guy and is so nice to all of the ladies, I bet they all think they’re his number one. In the middle of the cocktail party Chris Harrison interrupts and pulls Matt away. At first all of the ladies think Sarah is back but the reality is much worse. There’s more women coming to join the party, and Matt doesn’t look upset about it at all. 

The first new girl walks out of the car, Brittany, and tells him she wants to make up for lost time and makes out with him. She is wasting zero time, so aggressive. Brittany walks into the room with the other ladies and they are not happy that she is there at all and they make it known. There’s one new girl that’s wearing a crown because she’s a former pageant queen and the look on Victoria’s face when she walks in is priceless. Victoria has the audacity to take the crown off the girls head and put it on her own, I would’ve slapped her if I was the new girl. 

Now the drama is really starting. Apparently Anna is from the same town that the new girl Brittany is from. Immediately, Anna starts telling some of the ladies that she hasn’t heard good things about Brittany. 

Now it’s time for the rose ceremony and so many of the ladies are angry and worried that there’s now more girls there and no roses added. He only ends up sending one of the five new girls home. I feel bad for that new girl who literally had to quarantine to only be on the show for five seconds. 

Surprise, surprise! Ben Higgins shows up to give Matt some advice and has planned the group date for him. Ben has planned this obstacle course for the ladies, the first part is rowing a pumpkin across the lake and poor Maggie literally never makes it across. Mari ends up winning the obstacle course, she must be super athletic because she also got MVP at the last physical group date. 

Now it’s the cocktail hour of the group date. Anna does the dumbest thing ever and says that the rumor in Chicago about Brittany is that she is an escort because she knows all of the rich men. Anna has absolutely no evidence of this and is just going off of what she heard. Does she not realize how bad this rumor is and the effect it could have on Brittany? That is soooo childish, Matt needs to send Anna home. Bri ends up getting the group date rose. After Matt leaves, Anna decides to bring up the rumor in front of all of the ladies and ask Brittany about it. Anna does apologize that she said that but the whole way she brought it up was so ridiculous. Brittany is kind of speechless and just says that it’s so insane for that to even be a question. You can tell the house is going to be very different after this group date. 

Matt ends up taking newbie Michelle on a one on one date. And honestly, they seem perfect together. She seems so normal and down to earth and they look great together. They do a scavenger hunt and then go on a hot air balloon, so fun. He ends up giving Michelle the rose and I now think Michelle will be going a long way, there’s just something about them that I really like. 

It’s time for the next group date which we already know is going to entail fighting in some form based on the date card. The ladies find out they will be fighting in front of a live audience, which we can assume are the other ladies given the covid situation. They’re practicing fighting and you can just tell that so many of these girls are not built for this. It’s so awkward while the girls are fighting, it’s like awkwardly aggressive and even Matt looks concerned. I feel like Matt has asked so many of the women how he can reassure them that he likes them, which has me wondering how many women does he have feelings for?? I really can’t tell the difference, he seems like he likes so many of them. During the group date while the ladies are waiting for their time with Matt they all keep talking shit about the new girls, Katie is the only one who stands up for the new girls and tries to stop the drama. Katie then decides to go talk to Matt and tell him about what’s going on without blaming any of the girls individually and just basically asks if he could address it. I’m actually happy that Katie did this because the girls are acting soooo immature and it’s not funny being a mean girl, nobody likes that. 

The episode ends with Matt knowing he’ll need to address the drama and it doesn’t look like the girls handle it well. Can’t wait to see that go down. Also, Matt does a tiktok dance and I am mortified. 

The end. 


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