Real Housewives of Dallas Recap

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Season 5 | Episode 4

Back in Dallas everyone seems to be hurting the morning after Kary’s 50th tequila birthday bash. There’s no way I can stay up partying till 4am and I’m 30, how are these women doing it!? Kary doesn’t seem to remember her champagne shower from the hot male models that were at her party, which is unfortunate, but at least she has it all on camera!

We’re only 6 minutes and 18 seconds into the episode where the eye rolling on my part begins. Kam is STILL mad that Tiffany had the women try chicken feet at their Dim Sum brunch (which is s a sentence I can’t believe I’m actually typing). Kam, GET OVER IT. It’s done with. Who cares. You don’t have to eat everything she does.

On the other hand, the more Tiffany I see, the more I like her. We get to watch her get her ACLS recertification and its so cool watching a really smart woman on this show. That sounds terrible, and not that other housewives aren’t smart, Tiffany is just next-level. Watching her struggle between her family and her career is something I think a lot of women in 2021 deal with, so I think she’s someone that many so-called “normal” women can look up to as well.

Next Kary and her daughter Olivia have a heartfelt conversation about her Olvia’s anxiety, which ESPECIALLY during the pandemic I think everyone on the planet can relate to. The best part of this scene though is when Olvia mocks Kary’s voice in her interviews because she sounds just. like. her. Can we get more Olivia, please?

The topic of D’Andra wanting a relationship with her half brother again sparks up between her and Jeremy. D’Andra actually writes a letter to him and personally drops it off at his mailbox, with a disguise on and all. And I will say, I am loving seeing the more fun side of D and Jeremy’s relationship. In addition to Olivia, he’s another person we need more of on this show.

Stephanie is starting her own foundation, and watching her try to get things set up without professional movers is quite amusing. Her and her mom now have their own offices at the Hollman headquarters which means painting their new offices by themselves and moving furniture. Stephanie is determined to prove Travis wrong that she can get things accomplished on her own and doesn’t always have to be the supportive wife in the background. Excuse me, what era are we living in again, Travis? Stephanie is free to be what she wants to be, and maybe to Travis’ dismay, its not the 1950s anymore.

Brandi is turning 42 so D’Andra plans a surprise trip up to Grapevine for some wine tasting. D’Andra brings along “Captain Brandi”, which is a creepy mannequin head on a stick… why? I think she was trying to be funny but it definitely fell flat. But between the stripper pole on the party bus to D’Andra not bringing a wine opener, the tension between D’Andra and Kary is growing and becoming quite obvious. The two of them were doing trunk shows together pre-covid, so I’m guessing it’s the ol’ too-much-time-together that’s really getting to them. After a private tour of Delaney Vineyards, the fighting between D and Kary only escalates. D’Andra is frustrated that Kary has criticized every little thing she’s done to plan this trip, and I gotta say, Kary is annoying the heck out of me at this point too. But Kary is not one to back down – and although we’re hit with a “to be continued” at the end, I have a feeling things aren’t going to be pretty next week in Grapevine.

See ya then!


Real Housewives of Dallas

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