Real Housewives of Orange County Recap

Season 15 | Reunion Part 2

Part two here we go! We pick right back up where Shannon has confronted Braunwyn about allegedly offering her fourteen year old daughter drugs. Braunwyn breaks down crying and the women aren’t as hard on her as I thought they would be, they must think she’s being genuine. 

Now we’re moving onto Gina’s life. I love that Andy brings up her hairstyles because it needs to be addressed. She says her relationship with Travis is going really well and that her and Matt are co parenting really well. That’s great to hear, she had a rough couple of years there. She says her children are not aware of the possibility of Matt going to jail and realistically will not have to go if he takes the plea deal. 

While they’re taking a break Braunwyn once again apologizes to Shannon and breaks down. It almost seems like she’s having a panic attack, she’s breathing really heavily. Emily is an angel and comforts her. 

Kelly’s life has also changed quite a bit over the last year since Rick came into her life. Apparently John (Shannon’s boyfriend) and Kelly have a lot of friends in common so that’s why they’ve been hanging out more and trying to get along. Kelly also says that she only has 28 people at her wedding and Emily and Gina actually got invited last minute but couldn’t make it. Andy also makes Kelly address her comments regarding the protests and the “drunk wives matter” hat she wore. Kelly says she never tried to mock BLM and she does see how it could be offensive. Braunwyn tries to talk to Kelly about it’s offensive but Kelly goes off on her saying that Braunwyn has not done a single thing for BLM until it became a trend and had a professional photographer with her while she was protesting. Emily joins in and says that of course they’ve all done something to help they just don’t post it everywhere like Braunwyn. Braunwyn tries to defend herself again and then Kelly yells out “I’m black!” Apparently on her DNA test she has Native American, Black, and Asian in her, who knew. All of the girls kind of look at Kelly confused, we might need to see the receipts for this DNA test. Andy tries to turn the conversation more logical and says that although Kelly may have those genetics, she does not identify as one of those minorities, so she how can she really relate? Emily brings up how Braunwyn went out and did interviews saying that there’s nobody on the RHOC cast that she can turn to regarding the racial issues, and how she uses a victim mentality to excuse all of her actions. Dang, I love Emly, she is spot on. Braunwyn has said nasty things about every single one of them not only on the show, but off the show which portrays them in such a bad light and could harm them and their families. Braunwyn says that there is nobody that she can turn to regarding LGBTQ and BLM rights when all of the ladies have shown their support to these communities while with her. It just makes no sense. Then Elizabeth comes out and says she’s bisexual so how can Braunwyn even say there’s nobody on the cast she can turn to? Braunwyn is just so wrong for painting them in this light. Andy then speaks the truth and says that Braunwyn should really work on figuring herself out before trying to make herself a role model.

We’re revisiting the Lake Arrowhead trip and how un-relaxing it was. I feel so bad for Elizabeth when she had her panic attack and breakdown to Braunwyn. Elizabeth gets very emotional again when talking about it and is still so angry about her childhood. She says that she didn’t even realize she was in the cult until after they got out of it. She says that her grandmother was the founder of the cult and it all revolved around money. Such a crazy story. Elizabeth goes on to say that she loves living in OC and having her cookie cutter life because it helps her avoid the trauma of her past and make her feel normal. I do think talking about these issues on the show will help her heal and be for the best in the long run, I just can’t even imagine what she’s been through. 

Sean is joining us now. I feel so bad for what he has gone through this season and watching his wife talk badly about him over and over again, he’s such a nice guy to still be around. Braunwyn comes out and says she’s never been attracted to men physically and has never been attracted to Sean. How can they be married?! Braunwyn says that Shari was the one who kept her sober and they had an emotional connection but Shari wanted to be with her. Braunwyn tells us this story of how her and Shari went away together, Shari got upset and left so then Sean came. While on the trip her and Sean had an amazing conversation about how she wants to be with women and maybe they could explore having an open marriage. Then, they go back home and her nanny tells her that while she was gone Sean had another woman over who met her baby and was in her bed, to which she didn’t take well. The women defend Sean and say okay, so you were able to get mad at him therefore making all of this his fault when really, Braunwyn has caused all of this. Andy also brings up the fact that Braunwyn has a girlfriend that’s 28 years old. Sean is an angel and says he has mixed feelings about this, it bothers him but at the same time Braunwyn is so happy so it makes him happy. Gina has a brilliant point and says that their marriage boundaries just go wherever Braunwyn wants them to go and Sean is always there to help her clean it up, it’s so true. All of the ladies and Andy sympathize with Sean and don’t understand how he could ever be happy in this situation, he really is such a saint like they say. 

To close out the reunion they all say something they’ve learned from the past year. I have to say this season wasn’t terrible but it was really confusing, there was so much personal and challenging individual things going on that I wanted to explore more of. I’m ready for this season to be over and am hoping for them to change the cast up a bit. 


Real Housewives of Orange County TV Show Recaps

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