Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Recap

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Season 1 | Episode 12

Things are getting spicy in Sin City, y’all. Its bittersweet seeing my city with a bunch of people out and about like it used to be a year ago, just add it to the list of things covid has completely destroyed. But, I digress. Whitney seems to be on the up and up with Lisa and Meredith, and just when Whitney seems to think all the women can have a good night out together in Vegas, Heather informs her that Jen is in fact, still mad at Whitney for her behavior at Coach Shaw’s party.

Look. I do get why Jen would be mad at Whitney. But my thing is here, don’t tell Whitney that you’ve moved passed it if you haven’t. On a side note, Meredith and Lisa are the most normal women here, and both should be put up on a pedestal. Meredith walks out on dinner like a queen, telling Jen “you can’t tell me who to be friends with”. Who is the president of the Meredith Marks fan club and how can I join?

Things go south FAST, thanks to Jen acting a psychopath. Not sure why she has to get in everyone’s faces and curse them out and her shenanigans are getting real old, real fast.

After Jen’s meltdown, all the women (sans Jen) get together to try to figure out WTF is actually going on. Meredith admits that her and Seth have been separated on and off for “a very long time” and that she has seen other people in the past, putting all the rumors to bed that Jen has been insinuating for weeks. Again, where’s the Meredith fan club I can join?

Lisa you can tell feels a little betrayed she didn’t know anything about her bestie Meredith’s dating life and goes all out by saying she’s not really interested in being Jen’s friend anymore. Preach, girl. Lisa then FaceTime’s Mary back in SLC to fill her in on all of Jen’s BS… to which Mary simply replies, “how can you understand crazy?” Not sure Mary quite has the right to ask this question, she ain’t exactly the definition of normal.

The next morning, Heather goes to check on Jen to tell her that her behavior the night behavior was aggressive, mean and plainly unacceptable. Jen, as I’m coming to find, does not take any accountability for her behavior although I do not understand how a grown-ass women could possibly defend screaming and throwing temper tantrums like a toddler.

Whitney plans a visit with Kimberly, a hypnotist to try to help the group “find their inner voice and cleanse their shakras”. K. During this strange hypnotism, Jen reveals she’s not comfortable and all of a sudden this turns into a whole therapy session with how Jen feels she always has a target on her back and this is a group I full-heartedly don’t think Kimberly was prepared for. Even when Kimberly tries to interject, it does not work at all. Meredith finally brings up the fact that she does not appreciate how Jen was trying to spread rumors about her and Seth’s marriage and I am HERE for Angry Meredith. Gosh, I’m sounding a little obsessive about her now but I can’t help it!

Jen fully denies ever saying anything bad about Meredith’s marriage, which is a full lie – honey, it’s on camera. What’s hilarious though, is when Jen tries to apologize to Meredith, the hypnotist keeps interrupting which just makes it even more awkward. To put the cherry on top of this awkward cake, everyone raises their hand when Kimberly asks who in the room doesn’t trust Jen. Oh, boy. Jen has the nerve to raise her hand when asked who doesn’t trust Heather, which I can’t understand for the life of me – Heather has been on Jen’s side since day 1.

Next week it looks like we sadly have the season finale – this season flew by man!

See ya next week!


Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

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