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Peach Caprese

This side is perfect for summertime – it’s both light, refreshing and is a fun twist on the classic tomato caprese salad. This recipe comes from none other than the queen Joanna Gaines, and the fact that it’s super simple to make and only takes a few minutes to throw together is a win-win. Ingredients…

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Crunchy Kale Caesar Salad

I threw this salad together a few weeks ago as a side while my husband was grilling burgers and it turned out pretty good! A little twist on the classic Caesar, this is a great summer salad that’s yummy, refreshing and a good way to get some veggies in (which I definitely struggle with doing…

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Sam’s Margaritas

Everyone loves a good margarita. And I mean everyone. So today I’m sharing my favorite margarita recipe so far, and it comes from my brother, Sam (hence the name Sam’s margaritas). This recipe is so simple, not insanely sweet like some are, and most importantly, delicious. INGREDIENTS 1.5 oz lime juice 1.5 oz tequila 1…

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