Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

Season 10 | Episode 13

Rating: 4 out of 5.

We pick right back up from last week’s episode- the women have left the dinner and retreated to rooms based on who’s side they’re on basically. Dorit, Garcelle and Denise are together discussing how Brandi definitely made this up and Denise says there is no proof and there won’t be, she also uses the word “slander” and lawsuit immediately comes to my mind. 

Everyone sleeps on it and in the morning Sutton surprises them with the cutest gift. She got everyone rainboots and had their initials put on them in these cute black stones. So adorable, I need a pair now! 

Rinna goes to Denise’s room and Denise guilt trips Rinna for not giving her a heads up that Teddi was going to drop the Brandi bomb on her. Rinna says she doesn’t feel responsible because it was Teddi’s information. If they’re as good as friends as they claim to be, Rinna definitely should’ve given Denise a heads up. That’s not a very good friend in my opinion. Denise blatantly says she does not have an open marriage and she has not cheated on Aaron. Rinna catches Denise in a lie when Denise says that she did in fact speak to Brandi about some of the women, when just the night before Denise claimed that she did not speak to her. 

Kyle and Dorit go to lunch on their own to address the tension in their relationship. Dorit tells Kyle that she cuts her off and doesn’t let her finish her thoughts which ends up making her look bad. Isn’t this what all the new girls have basically been saying about Kyle?! That she doesn’t listen or let them talk! You go Dorit, call her out! They make up, as we all knew they would and continue on talking about Denise and Brandi. Dorit tells her that last night in the room Denise was adamant that none of it was true. Kyle says that she actually doesn’t think Brandi lies, she might be an asshole but she doesn’t lie. I’m trying to think back on previous seasons and I actually can’t think of a lie she ever told? Maybe my memory is failing me though. 

Denise, Rinna, Erika, and Garcelle all get to drive Ferrari’s around town and then go wine tasting. I feel like it’s not even that exciting for them because they literally drive a Ferrari in their everyday life. While wine tasting Denise opens up a little bit about how she feels like she’s not always heard in the group because someone is always cutting her off. She confronts Erika about being upset with her husband and in true Erika style, she admits she didn’t like the way Aaron spoke to them. Denise and Erika talk it through and it feels good that at least one issue has been resolved. 

Sutton, Kyle, and Dorit go to Dolce & Gabbana where Domenico invited her to a private shopping experience and honestly this makes me jealous. Sutton is a KEEPER. I don’t understand why the other girls didn’t go, why is it just them three?! I would die for that experience.  

The women are all dressed for dinner and waiting for Dorit downstairs, when she comes down I honestly didn’t like the look that Dorit served. Just wasn’t my style. Also, just looking at Erika’s shoes makes my feet hurt, those things are so high and pointy I don’t understand how she can even walk. They’re all sitting at dinner and the topic comes up of Rinna dancing on her instagrams in her lingerie and if her mom watches it. Rinna responds that her mom does in fact have instagram and watches the videos and she thinks it’s a good thing and it makes her mom happen. THEN, in Garcelle’s interview she says that dancing almost naked for instagram is not something she would ever do if she had a daughter with body issues. OMG. Shots fired. 

While at dinner Erika and Denise’s conversation from earlier comes up and Denise elaborates to the women that Aaron has respect for all of them and doesn’t mean to hurt their feelings. I’m calling straight bullshit. She’s just trying to get out of the hot seat. Then in her interview she says that once Aaron hears about what the women did to her in Italy he’s going to say “f*** them”. Definitely bullshit what she said at dinner. 

The topic of Brandi comes up once again. Denise goes over their relationship and again contradicts herself by saying she did in fact talk to her prior to Kyle’s party, even though just last night she said that she didn’t. She also says that Brandi is up on all of the group’s drama somehow, that she knows everything that’s going on including things that Denise did not know. So clearly someone is feeding Brandi information. If Denise is saying it’s not her, my only other idea is that Kyle is telling her sister Kim the drama and that Kim is running to Brandi and telling her everything since they’re such good friends. Denise also claims that Brandi said she had sex with another woman in the group. Rinna and Kyle immediately call bullshit and say they don’t think that ever happened and I have to say I agree with them. I definitely think Denise is just making things up to deflect from what Brandi said about her because she’s guilty. This is probably the worst defense strategy. 

Next week it looks like we get to see Denise quitting the show, ahhh I can’t wait!!


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