The Bachelor Recap

Season 25 | Episode 2

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Episode two here we go! Now that we see the area they’re in the daylight, it’s so beautiful! It’s fall and all of the leaves are changing, so gorgeous. 

Bri gets the first one on one date, yesss girl. It looks like they’re riding ATV’s, so fun. But as they’re putting on their helmets and getting ready, all of the other ladies go outside to watch them and it’s really weird. Just want to add that Victoria is still being annoying. Bri ends up getting on the back of Matt’s ATV and he tries showing off and they end up falling off, not a good look. They make it to an area with a little hot tub and of course he takes his shirt off right away and let me just say, it did not disappoint. He ends up kissing Bri and it just seems like they do have a real connection and he really likes her. They would make a good match. While Bri and Matt are at dinner, Bri says that her mom got pregnant with her when she was 13, oh man. She also says that her father was absent from her life when she was growing up. Matt relates to her because he says his father also wasn’t around very much. He ends up giving her the rose which we all saw coming. 

Back at the house they get the group date card where there are 18 girls listed, you read that right, a group date with 18 women. Sounds horrible. Victoria continues to lose her shit. 

All 18 women show up to the group date and it’s like ten minutes worth of hugs and girls trying to get attention. The girls are dressing up in wedding gowns and taking pictures with Matt. Some of them go right in for the kiss in front of everyone which is so awkward. Victoria wears a garter belt and makes out with him and it’s so cringe worthy. Chris shows up to the group date and takes Matt away before he’s even done taking pictures with all of the ladies. They’re doing a play on capture the flag where paint is going to be involved, things are about to get messy. The game gets pretty intense, there’s paint and dresses flying everywhere.  

As the night goes on a lot of the women are having deep conversations with Matt which is so good to see. We haven’t had a bachelor this mature in a very long time I think. Matt gives the group date rose to Lauren who seems really sweet. They really need to keep the name titles on longer, I can’t remember who all of these people are. 

Now it’s time for Sarah’s one on one with Matt. They go in this tiny plane which would be terrifying in my opinion but they seem like they’re having fun. She describes how close she is with her family but she’s not being completely open about everything and kind of dodges some of his questions. When they go to dinner Matt asks again about the personal things in her life and she once again struggles to give him an answer but finally opens up about her dad’s health. Her dad was diagnosed with ALS when she was in college and has beaten the odds but his health is still declining, she also says that she quit her job to be a caregiver for her father. They have a great conversation about family and strength and I think this conversation brought them much closer together. She gets the rose at the end of the date of course! 

Now we’re at the rose ceremony and cocktail party, there’s still so many girls there, time to send some home! Abigail does something super genius, she says that when she pulls her ear that means a kiss so whenever he sees her do that just know what it means, and he says he’ll do the same. That’s such a good idea. He does a really great job making all of the women feel comfortable and remembering their conversations and bringing up past things they’ve said… how does he remember?! Marylynn didn’t get a date at all this past week but Matt wants her to still feel seen and he gives her an orchid, which she had told him was her favorite flower during one of their conversations. THEN, Victoria has a conversation with Matt about how toxic Marylynn and the house is and how she’s manipulative. Alright girl, then maybe you should remove yourself from this toxic situation. There’s no way he can believe Victoria, this screams Bachelor production and it’s really annoying. 

Matt then pulls Marylynn aside to talk to her about the accusations Victoria made against her. Marylynn does her best to defend herself without throwing Victoria under the bus for being the psycho that she is. Matt is acting like he doesn’t know who to believe… come on now. Marylynn tries to do the right thing and goes to have a conversation with Victoria but Victoria is acting like a complete bitch. Can we send her home already? I’m not enjoying this drama the producers are pushing on us. 

We’re finally giving out the roses. All of the women keep repeating how Victoria should go home and she’s causing drama, to me this just means that she’s going to end up staying. We’ll see what happens. All of a sudden the ladies are standing there and Sarah seems like she’s going to faint. That’s where the episode gets cut off so we don’t see the entire rose ceremony but we get a glimpse into next week’s episode where we see that Victoria is still around, ugh. 

Until next week! 


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