The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap

Season 15 Finale

Rating: 3 out of 5.

It’s the finale of OC! Where did this season even go?? Emily is planning a beachy party that will actually be at Elizabeth’s house. Emily tells Gina that Shannon is mad at her which Gina is really annoyed by. Gina talks about how Shannon was venting to her about her relationship and Gina is going to go mad if she keeps up with this since Shannon doesn’t reciprocate the friendship. This is sounding very familiar, it’s exactly what Tamra used to say about her friendship with Shannon. Shannon is just very self absorbed, she’s driving me crazy and I just watch her on TV. 

Kelly and Rick are struggling with what to do about their wedding given coronavirus. They decide to have a small intimate ceremony, maybe just even the two of them and then a big party once everything is right in the world again. I think that’s the right call but I’m pretty sure they did have a ceremony with at least 20 people during covid. 

Elizabeth is now going to a therapist, well the therapist is actually coming to her. It’s really hard to hear her talk about the abuse and trauma she went through growing up. You can tell she’s really struggling and trying to find herself but she doesn’t know how to navigate these waters. It really makes me wonder how her marriage was and if her ex knew all of this about her or if she always kept this side of her secret. 

It’s the day of Emily’s beach party and we see all of the girls getting ready. I neeed to call out that Shannon it taping her midsection in with like full on duct tape… that’s not normal. Braunwyn is getting ready with Shari, her lover presumably, and Sean is also there, it’s just awkward for me all around. The party is really cute, the decor is really pretty. 

Of course the ladies starting talking about all the drama in their little groups and you can just see the storm coming. Gina and Emily are talking to Shannon about her relationship and all the times she vented to them about how bad things were with John. Shannon actually explains how her marriage was so bad but when she met John things were so great and she thought she finally found a “perfect” relationship and when they started fighting it was really hard for her to accept. It makes sense, she’s just way too dramatic about everything. Meanwhile, on the beach Kelly is calling out Braunwyn on how she doesn’t make sense with how she shares certain things with certain people and nothing with others. Braunwyn continues to claim that she’s an open book…. Not true but okay. Apparently after Lake Arrowhead Elizabeth sent Braunwyn a really long, heartfelt text and all Braunwyn responded was “thank you.” Then they go on a tangent about how Braunwyn dug up dirt on Elizabeth but nobody can get to the bottom of Braunwyn’s life and how hypocritical it is. There’s just A LOT going on. 

Finally, Kelly continues the convo about asks Braunwyn what’s going on with her marriage and her friend Shari that has moved in. They ask her if she loves Sean and she says yes, then they ask her if she loves Shari and she says yes but they aren’t having sex or anything like that. Emily calls it out and says that Shari is clearly causing a rift in her marriage. Braunwyn doesn’t deny it but says that there is a lot going on that she is trying to figure out but her and Sean are committed to making their marriage work. Emily once again states the obvious and questions her about her needs and Sean’s needs and calls out that Sean probably needs Shari to leave their house in order to show that she’s actually committed to trying to make their marriage work. Braunwyn basically agrees and says that at this time she needs to be selfish. Emily’s interview hits the nail on the head, she thinks that Braunwyn’s life and all of her decisions revolve around her and how she can better her own life and their vow renewal was basically just to keep Sean around to pay the bills while she continues to do whatever she wants. Ruthless but true. 

Shannon then asks Braunwyn if she was talking smack on social media about their town. Braunwyn says that she does hate that town because it’s so conversative. This hits a nerve with Kelly who questions why she’s lived here her whole life then and why doesn’t she just move, it’s America and she can go wherever she wants. Braunwyn seriously doesn’t make sense and it’s really annoying. 

All of the husbands show up to the beach party and things calm down. Emily give’s a nice speech about all of the ladies and we get everyone’s end of the season bio. Braunwyn finally says in her last interview that she’s a lesbian, no longer speaks to Shari, and has a new girlfriend, Kris. I cannot keep up with everything going on with that girl. I really can’t believe that this was the finale episode, what even happened this season?! Maybe we can blame covid for this past season, but I really think OC needs a shake up, there’s just something not right with the cast and it’s not doing it for me anymore. 

With that said, I still can’t wait for the reunion, I want to hear about Braunwyn’s relationship status and get Sean’s opinion!


Real Housewives of Orange County

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