Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Season 10 | Episode 7

Finally a RHOBV season that’s getting good! We’ve waited long enough. This episode starts off with Kyle and Dori at Kyle’s house mansion. Basically they have this back and forth convo about how stupid their argument was the night prior, but Dorit is still clearly upset about Kyle’s close friendship with Teddi. I guess in Beverly Hills it’s normal to have arguments in your 50s with your friends that you’d typically have in fourth grade.

We then get another glimpse of Garcelle in her day-to-day and every time we see her I truly like her more and more. Besides being an overall boss babe she seems very genuine and down to earth and I hope she stays on this show for many seasons to come.

It’s cool seeing a little behind the scenes of Denise on The Bold and the Beautiful, but its short lived and now the ladies are off to Santa Barbara for a girl’s trip sans Denise. They arrive and holy moly. This house are what Dreams. Are. MADE. OF. The view is GORGEOUS and the irony is not lost on me when Kyle calls it a “cute little house” when the house is at least 7,000 square feet. Oh, Beverly Hills.

The women are now down by the beach at a restaurant wine tasting and I do feel bad for Teddi… it must be brutal sitting there pregnant while the rest of your friends are drinking wine and getting sloppy. All the women are clearly still butt hurt that Denise called them out the other night about them talking (loudly) about threesomes while Denise’s children were around. I still don’t understand what the big deal is… Denise was right. These Beverly Hills women clearly don’t like when anyone calls them out. Denise then joins the girls on the trip at the wine tasting restaurant, but honestly nothing really happens and dinner back at the house is where things get juicy.

Dorit seemingly innocently asks Denise what were favorite role she’s had as an actress thus far, which stir-the-pot Rinna of course follows up with, “what’s it like shooting a three-way?” Perfect way to bring up the threesome conversation from Denise’s dinner party the week prior. Rinna keeps probing, then asking what Denise thinks of her daughters seeing her act in a threesome in Wild Things. Denise respectfully answers, which then leads to Kyle apologizing to Denise for her behavior at her dinner party but Denise isn’t really having it. Denise is still irked that the women were having very adult conversations with her teenage daughter and her friends nearby, and again, still don’t understand what their problem with that is. Its Denise’s house, her kids, freaking respect her rules. Sutton and Erika chime in claiming Denise shouldn’t have had kids at that dinner party and that she’s naïve to think her children didn’t know what they were talking about. To my delight, Denise instantly shuts them both down. I get where Denise is coming from and the rest of these women need to calm down.

Breakfast the next morning at the house is still awkward, with Sutton starting things off saying the energy between the women is tense and she just wants everyone to get along. Sorry Sutton, this is not how this group works. Dorit and Erika express to Kyle how they were hurt by her words last week at Erika’s astrology soirée, and somehow the conversation gets turned back again to Denise and the threesome conversation. (Side thoughts – is threesome gate going to be the new puppy gate from last season?? Lord let’s hope not).

The episode ends with Rinna being SO out of line to Denise with comment about Charlie Sheen and hookers at the end. So unnecessary and honestly just mean. Not how a friend of over twenty years should ever treat anyone. At this moment in time I am over everyone and am Team Denise all the way. This could all change in a week though…

Next week previews look good but honestly I just want more Garcelle. GIVE ME MORE GARCELLE!!!

See ya next week!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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