Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

Season 10 | Episode 8

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Garcelle is back, wooo! I missed her last episode. She is being honored by the LA Mission for her support and work and invites all the ladies to the event. Garcelle says that since she grew up in Haiti she understands what poverty is and wants to help. She then dives a little deeper and divulges that her oldest son went through a bad time where he got involved in the wrong crowd and got into drugs. Garcelle says that they tried everything that money could in order to help him but nothing worked. The LA Mission helped her feel that she was feeding him dinner during those tough times he wasn’t there. That is just so sweet, I have so much respect for her and now we need to meet her son!!

Rinna and Garcelle go to the event together and on the way Rinna catches her up on what went down in Santa Barbara. Garcelle immediately agrees with Denise and says she understands she wouldn’t want her children to hear her adult friends discussing sexual things. DUH! 

The event looks beautiful and everyone is dressed to the nines. Garcelle is very charismatic in her speech and thanks her friends but makes a comment shading one of the women. Garcelle admits it was aimed at Kyle in her interview and then we see Kyle sitting at the table trying to figure out who she’s talking about. Ohhhh Kyle. Not much else happens at the event, Denise leaves early because she has to work early the next morning, understandable. 

Denise and Aaron are now out to dinner on their own. Denise makes a point that her daughters already have baggage given that they’re Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards kids, they don’t need extra baggage from her friends. Seriously!! Why are the women giving her such a hard time when she’s just trying to shelter her kids? I understand she has been open in the past, but no kids were present during those times. She also tells Aaron that Rinna hurt her the most for calling her a hypocrite because she actually knows way more than the other women. What does Rinna know?! Tell us, please!!

Kyle is hosting a bbq for the ladies and their families. And by bbq she means a fancy Beverly Hills catered lunch with a bounce house for the kids. Couple of interesting things happen in the beginning. Garcelle’s kids yell when they hear her cuss and I love it. Teddi admits she’ll be eating her placenta in pill form after she has the baby to help with postpartum. I know nothing about this but pill form sounds reasonable as I envision the other option of someone gnawing like a cannibal on a placenta. Excuse me as I gag.

The women + Aaron are sitting around the table eating and Garcelle asks Denise privately where her kids are and Denise responds that she wouldn’t bring them around again. Denise tries to backtrack when the other women overhear her and say that her and Aaron want a date night too but there’s already too much animosity and these women won’t let her get away with it. Teddi calls her out and says it seems like you don’t want your kids around us like we’re bad people and Kyle agrees with her. Aaron tries to interject and say that they simply don’t want their kids to be around and subject to those topics and that’s all. But he says it in a very douchebag way and is just plain rude. Then he starts saying things that make absolutely no sense again. Classic Aaron. 

The women, specifically Kyle, try to explain to Denise that by saying that she doesn’t want to bring her kids around them is insinuating that they are bad mothers. Denise refuses to see their side of the argument and actually thinks that they’re mom shaming her. Denise then lashes out at Teddi when she chimes in and hits her breaking point. 

She stands up and grabs Aaron and tells him they’re leaving. As he gets up he tells the lady he hopes they’re fine at what they see when they look in the mirror. Um, I’m pretty sure they’re all obsessed with themselves and love looking in the mirror in general so that might not be the best word choice. As Denise and Aaron are walking away Denise tells him multiple times to stop talking because they’re still on camera. Kyle and Sutton act like they attempt to get Denise to calm down and stay but Denise is not having it at all. 

I feel like this episode is just a build up of Denise feeling like the women are out to get her and her trying to get away from them. We see in the preview for next week BRANDI saying that she slept with Denise. THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! I can’t wait for next week. When Brandi is on the screen you know shits about to go down. 


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