Real Housewives of Potomac Recap

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Season 5 | Episode 9

Y’all. I am not well. I AM NOT WELL. How did we get here? How!?

Well, there’s actually a lot of events that lead us here. This episode was no joke you guys. All this build up from last season between Monique and Candiace finally bubbled over the top because things actually got physical and I could not peel my eyes away from my TV. After Candiace’s finger was in Monique’s face, Monique grabbed Candiace’s weave and would not let go. Honestly the best part of this was seeing several producers run out from behind the cameras and break up the fight. More of the fourth wall is being broken each episode and I love it so much. It’s like watching something secretive that we’re not supposed to be allowed to, am I right? Things get so physical between Monique and Candiace that one of the producers locks himself in another room with Monique so she can’t get near Candiace. Then Monique proceeds to go AROUND the producer, out the door, then runs to try and get another grip on Candiace! This is crazy!!!

Producers then send Candiace and Monique away in separate cars, and the next morning all the women are still reeling from the fight that happened the night before. All the women are seemingly on Candiace’s side, as none of them condone violence. I will say this side of Monique seems unlike her from what we’ve seen on RHOP thus far and all I can say is she must have really been pushed past per limit to act out in this way towards Candiace.

In between this madness, Karen and Ray’s marriage is still struggling. Ray refuses to go to counseling, and isn’t buying it when Karen suggests a life coach over therapy, either. A professional cook then actually comes to their house to teach Karen how to cook a special Chilean sea bass birthday dinner for Ray. This is a sweet gesture and Ray better appreciate it because it seems like Karen is trying to revitalize their marriage a whole lot more than he is.

Monique’s husband Chris is not happy about the fight she got into with Candiace, partly because he really likes Candiace and her husband Chris, but I personally think mainly because how the fight will make them look to the public. Monique is not concerned about image, however, and is insistent on the fact that if someone is going to be up in her face and provoke her that she will finish the fight.

Next we’re in Atlanta with the Bryant family. Gizelle and her three daughters have flown in for the re-launching of the restaurant Arizona’s, which Jamal (Gizelle’s ex-husband and the girls’ dad) gifted them with ownership three weeks prior. Gizelle finally tells her dad that her and Jamal are trying to give things another shot to get their family back together. He’s actually extremely supportive of Gizelle and Jamal’s relationship, as he just wants his daughter and granddaughters happy. This is sweet but in my personal opinion Gizelle does not need a cheating ex back in her life – even her daughters agree!

Nowwww we get into the Darby’s, as we usually do in each RHOP episode. God, Michael Darby makes my blood boil. It’s clear Ashley is raising their son all on her own, all while this SOB is out cheating on his beautiful wife. Why Ashley puts up with this I will never know. Well, actually I have a good idea but I’ll leave it at that. Anyway, I digress. Ashley brings up the idea of a postnuptial agreement to Michael that basically will protect her and baby Dean if Michael were to ever cheat again. Go yo’ money, girl. Michael agrees that “they can look into it”, so we’ll see if any of this actually happens.

Back at the Huger household, Karen’s friend Angela who also hosts a radio show called “Pillow Talk“, comes over to try and help Karen and Ray get their love connection back on track. I have so many questions as to why Angela was the agreement they both came to on who should help them, but I’ll save that for a later day. The conversation between the three of them is both hilarious yet cringey at the same time. We learn that they are not having sex nearly enough and Ray is annoyed that Karen doesn’t give him enough attention and isn’t cooking for him anymore. I cannot roll my eyes harder at this statement. In return. Karen shares that she does feel as though Ray has stopped “dating” her in their marriage, and I applaud her for being honest. I feel really bad for Karen when Ray says he “doesn’t know” if he’s still in love with her or not. Man that’s brutal. The fourth wall is then broken yet again when we see two producers approach Karen after she tells them she’s going to take off her mic. Keep this going!!!

Going back to Atlanta, there is a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Arizona’s when a bomb is dropped from Gizelle’s dad! As he walks away from Gizelle and Jamal we hear him expressing his concern to producers about her getting back together with Jamal! Gizelle’s dad reveals Jamal has 6 or 7 baby mama’s (excuse me, WHAT?) and that being with him is not a smart move for Gizelle. Amen to that!!

Wow I love the RHOP franchise. Next week looks SO intense too, as all the women confront Monique on her fight with Candiace. Can’t wait!


Real Housewives of Potomac

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