Real Housewives of Potomac Recap

Season 5 | Episode 13

Rating: 3 out of 5.

We start this episode off with Gizelle at a jewelry store with Juan looking at rings for Robyn. Gizelle keeps making comments about how her ring needs to be doubled if her and Jamal get married again. Just seems like a terrible idea to me but if she’s happy then go on ahead girl. 

Monique is getting ready for her podcast show and the topic is about redefining yourself. One by one she calls the ladies and invites them, Robyn says she needs to think about it, Karen immediately accepts, Wendy calls her out for not having remorse but still says she wants to support her but isn’t sure if it’s too soon. We’ll see who ends up coming to the live podcast show and how Monique handles it and shows her growth. 

Karen and Ray are back at therapy (with a different therapist) and I’m happy to see them continue to try and work on their marriage. Ray says that up until now Karen has been known as his wife because he was the businessman, but now Karen is blossoming and he’s now seen as Karen’s husband. He goes on to say that before this season in their marriage all she had to worry about was the house and him. It blows my mind that he thinks being a mom is that simple and the fact that he doesn’t even mention that. I’m glad that he can be honest about his feelings and open up, it seems like both of them are willing to put in the work for their marriage so I have hope they will get through this just fine. 

Gizelle is driving Jamal to the airport so he can go back to Atlanta since he just came for a short trip to see one of the girls school presentations. Gizelle brings up how she’s happy with their relationship but the distance gets hard and Jamal acts like he had no idea, that Gizelle never made it clear before. I see that he’s trying to be smooth and play it like they’re both not the same person they used to be and she hasn’t shared these thoughts with him before, but something about it just makes me feel like his reaction is kind of weird. 

It’s the night of Monique’s live podcast show. She’s upset that Ashley is the only one that showed up but it’s only been two weeks since the big fight, I would be hesitant to show my support for her so early too. Ashley drops the bomb that Karen in fact told Candiace that if it were her in that situation she would press charges. Monique is clearly shocked by this since Karen is one of the only women who have seemingly stayed by her side and been very understanding. 

Robyn is out bowling with her family and they are so cute to me, her boys are so sweet. Robyn’s parents show up and she tells them about her tax troubles, of course they had already heard about it so it wasn’t a shock to them at all. When Robyn goes to the bathroom, Juan drops the bomb that he wants to propose. Her parents are supportive and give their blessing. Can’t wait for this to happen!!

Wendy is having an event in hopes to bring together women she’s met through her career and encourage them to speak out on important topics. I have to mention this… Candiaces shoes!! There’s full on feathers going up her calf and I just don’t get the appeal, maybe it’s just me but I am not a fan. Robyn shows up in a wig that nobody is feeling too, can’t say I disagree with that either. The talk that Wendy and her partner give at this event is really powerful and I’m really happy to see her taking the time to do this. All the ladies are really impressed and I completely agree. Of course as soon as the presentation is done Gizelle brings up some gossip. She says that Wendy told her that when Karen was really drunk she said that she had to give half of her money to Ray when he was having his tax struggles.The ladies discuss how they think that Karen is going through something and might be struggling. 

Candiace pulls Karen aside and calls her out for coddling Monique and choosing sides. Karen’s clapback is brilliant and completely truthful. She says that a year ago it was her she was coddling and sticking up for even though she didn’t always agree with her. I don’t think there’s anything that Candiace could even say back to that because it’s completely true. Wendy joins the conversation and it quickly gets heated because Wendy thinks Karen isn’t holding Monique accountable. Wendy just doesn’t understand why Karen can’t say how wrong Monique was and that and instead chooses to stand by her side and be understanding. I get both of their points of view but think they should just agree to disagree, there’s no use in getting in a fight over something that has nothing to do with either of them. 

Next episode it looks like the women find out where their trip is planned and Monique might be taking legal action against Candiace! The drama continues! 


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