Real Housewives of Orange County Recap

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Season 15 | Episode 3

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s nice seeing Shannon in a healthy relationship with a supportive man. Shannon tells John that Kelly and Emily are coming to her housewarming party, which she isn’t thrilled about since her and Emily aren’t exactly on good terms.

Next Gina, Elizabeth and Kelly are out to dinner where Elizabeth reveals her and her boyfriend are not sleeping together because she’s still “technically married” and he doesn’t want to have sex until her divorce is final. I really have nothing else to say about this, so moving on. Gina is still mad that Braunwyn and Shannon are talking crap about her 1700 sqft condo saying they sound like elitists, which honestly which kind of true.

Now we’re back to Braunwyn’s alcohol issues which is definitely going to be the main storyline this season. Braunwyn is happy that she can be more present with her (7!) kids now that alcohol isn’t taking over her, and honestly good for her.

Braunwyn then reveals to Shannon that she attended her first AA meeting and that she threw her under the bus to Gina about her “small and sad” comments on her condo. Shannon is insistent that she never said anything negative about Gina’s new place how and demands that Braunwyn set the record straight. Here we go, I’m betting this is going to be another storyline.

Now we’re at Shannon’s housewarming party and aaaaall the ladies are there. Gina immediately confronts Shannon about her supposed comments – Shannon says that although she did say it was small, she never sad anything about it being sad. Gina believes her and all is well between them. But hold UP – did Shannon just say her, Kelly and Braunwyn are renters!? That is absolutely INSANE that even with the amount of money these ladies have (or claim to have), they don’t even own their own homes. Good ol’ California taxes!

Meanwhile, Braunwyn is completely losing it being around all the alcohol at this party, even giving herself a pep talk in the bathroom. Kelly is being inappropriate as usual, calling Shannon’s dad “big dick daddy”, and omg I would be mortified if any of my friends acted that way when they first met my family. While Shannon is not having Braunwyn’s crap, Braunwyn is not backing down from her being insistent on the fact that Shannon did in fact say Gina’s condo was small and sad. Honestly, I can’t with the OC women. How sad their lives are if this is all they have to argue about.

The episode ends with more arguing, Braunwyn admitting to Gina that she’s been talking crap about her nonstop but the real winning line here is Braunwyn saying the reason she didn’t have time to make up with Gina is because “she had to get a facial”. This is the most OC thing I’ve ever heard. Emily calling Braunwyn out for having two nannies and not working made me LOL and the final blowout is Gina calling Braunwyn “a sloppy chiuaua” (I can’t), and then Braunwyn screaming “I’M 30 DAYS SOBER BITCH!” in Gina’s face. Good stuff y’all.

Lets see how Braunwyn’s alcohol issues and whether or not Shannon said bad things about Gina’s condo continues next week!


Real Housewives of Orange County

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